6 tricks for a healthier Christmas focusing on your well-being


I simply love nougat and marzipan, rice pudding with cherry sauce and a crispy duck to top it all off. I enjoy December 24th to the fullest when I sit at the table on Christmas Eve.

1. Christmas temptations without sugar

I also know that all of December cannot consist of baked goods, Christmas buffets, mulled wine and a cozy bed – but I certainly cannot fit into my New Years Eve dress.

So what do I do then? Well, I have a few shortcuts to savor the good things without falling through the Christmas companies. I have found some good recipes for Christmas goodies, and it’s no shame to bring a little delicious to the hostess and then enjoy its own confections with a clear conscience. The good thing is that all the guests would also enjoy the goodies without grasping suspect that they are not sugar stuffed. I get compliments on goodies and sign with a resounding THANK YOU without explaining further.

Last year I tried my Christmas snack/baked goods with sweet potato on my colleagues. They are otherwise quite tough judges on the candy front, but let’s just say that it went down at lightning speed.

Also, my father is a difficukt candy judge. Not even once he has qualms about eating my marzipan without sugar.

Best of all, the recipes are super simple and I are happy to share – then at the bottom of this post you will find inspiration for some goodies incl. my suggestion for a little healthier rice pudding.

2. Make alternatives to the fatty food

How can you avoid ending up with severe stomach upset after Christmas Eve with fatty foods?

I was surprised last year when I read how many people end up in hospitals with constipation during Christmas. The food is fatter than normal quantities abundant, and our stomachs can not.

When I celebrate Christmas, I always ensure that there is variation on the classics, for example, a crispy red cabbage salad, pickled pears electricity I also drink water during the dinner. It need not be wine and beer every time the toast.

3. Move throughout the day

Christmas is the festival of the heart and good time in general. Cosiness is a must and equals being served delights. Both when it’s company Christmas parties, family gatherings or just a couple of girlfriends past. And no, it does not actually end up either or…the solution, both can also be a really a fine solution.

So why not start with a walk and also get touched a little during the day, it allows the healthy appetite, and you burn too little calories – and so we speak simply so well together when walking.

I remember from my childhood/adolescence Christmases, how after enjoying my mother’s food and have split the gifts fell slightly along the sofa. But my grandfather and I – we had our magic moments there. We got up and pulled in winter clothes and so we trudged through the area on the quiet residential streets in the dark under the starry sky, snow crunching underfoot and the fresh crystal clear air and talked about anything and everything. There is no doubt about who was the best in the stomachs when we later in the evening/night sat together the whole flock.

4. Acupressure – a quick trick to get rid of stomach pain

If your stomach starts hurting, you can easily try a bit of acupressure on yourself: Put your fingers under the rib edge on both sides of the line below your ear lobes. Keep a firm constant pressure for 2 minutes. toward your armpits while taking slow deep breaths. The pressure should be so firm that you feel a little soreness. This facilitates genes by indigestion, stomach cramps, hiccups, flatulence and works bargain appetite-regulating.

5. LifeWave patches get your stomach started

If you have patches from LifeWave, so it is with Carnosine middle of the sternum, Energy Enhancer on either side of the navel and Glutathione just above the pubic bone. So it does not take a long time before there is time in the stomach again. Or try with Glutathione just above the navel and IceWave on each side – so you get relieved maveondet.

6. Avoid unnecessary stress and bustle

Another thing I’ve decided – not just around Christmas but in general – it to not be affected by the “Live Better” competition. Most of us have the general ordinary cleaning standards, and there is hardly many homes where the dirt has grown fast. So I do not want to – you read that right: I CAN’T BE BOTHERED running around for several hours and stressing before the guests to come. Everyone is welcome in my home, planned and unplanned quests, but seriously; I’d rather have some dirt in the corners than a scrubbed hell.

I also don’t spend my time checking the corners when I am a guest somewhere. I just enjoy feeling like the host is being kind, warm and giving me their time.

With these small tips and tricks I come through in December in a way that works for me. While I enjoy everything to the fullest, so I look forward to my “detox in January.” I have the past 10 years has been applied in January to give the body an extra good start to the new year – how I do it, you can read more about in future posts.

Now I just want to wish you all a fantastic Christmas!

Christmas Sweets made light – 5 recipes

Sweets with sweet potatoes

Boil 500g sweet potatoes with the peel on, until you can stick a fork in them. Put them then refrigerated and arrow as the peel of the refrigerator cold potatoes. Mash them, and add the 2 tbsp. ROM (or essence), 4 tbsp. Coconut flakes, 3 tablespoons. cane sugar (or slightly stevia instead), 3 tablespoons. cocoa and 60 grams of oatmeal.

Season to taste whether to more cocoa/rum – and if it is fine, then put more grain in. Into the refrigerator for 10 minutes. Roll balls and coat if necessary using dark chocolate.

Oatmeal balls without sugar

1 tbsp. coconut oil
1 ripe banana
1 tbsp. cherry sauce
1.5 dl. coconut
2 dl. oatmeal
3 tbsp. cocoa
Mix well, sprinkle with coconut, and put in the fridge for an hour

Coconut tops with dark chocolate

2 eggs stirred toether with 50g melted butter and 200g coconut. Form 20 tops, and bake 10 minutes. at 175 gr. Finally a little dark chocolate on top while they are hot.

Marzipan with agave honey

Blend almonds without skin together with egg whites and a little agave honey

Rice pudding with Greek yoghurt

Cook pudding rice with milk or almond milk. Turn the cold rice with Greek yogurt along with some vanilla powder (no sugar). If you can’t eat almonds, peel one artichoke and cut into pieces (you can shape an “almond” so that everyone can participate in the competition). Put them in cold water and add almond essence for a few hours in the refrigerator. Then you’ll have crunchy “almonds”!

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