16-year-old Kathrine fell ill due to the HPV vaccine Gardasil


The criticism of the HPV vaccine Gardasil for girls has increased tremendously. At the same time, the number of cases of girls who complain of headaches, pain, difficulty concentrating is also increasing. They sleep a lot and become isolated from their normal teenage lives with their friends, and these kind of stories continue to circle in the media.

Six months ago, I met one of these girls. 16 year-old Kathrine came to me in Helsebrixen with her mother Lisa. Kathrine was feeling so badly that she had now been forced to interrupt her stay at the athletic boarding school. She was sick all the time, bothered by constant headaches and was bedridden while her twin sister was feeling just fine. Kathrine’s symptoms after the HPV vaccine resembled the many symptoms that many other girls have told the media after being given the Gardasil vaccine at age 12. Many of the girls who have suffered the most have been girls who have been very active, just like Katherine.

Starting off with Corsentials and Y-Age patches

When I met Kathrine she was in a chaotic state. She had joint pain, fatigue and acne. Her period was never regular. Kathrine therefore immediately started drinking Consentials from LifeWave. We agreed that she should start off with a cleansing period with the health patches Y-age Glutatione and Carnosine.

I also started giving Kathrine 3A-therapy, which consists of therapy with a machine that blows hot air with negatively charged oxygen ions out of the body’s acupuncture points. 3A therapy has a great impact on, for example, pain, sports injuries, locked shoulders, over/under weight, colds, asthma/allergy, arthritis, fatigue and stress.

I also talked to Kathrine about her diet and made sure that she was on the right track with this. It’s very important that you take it easy while you’re recovering.

On top of this I teach her about the blood type diet and recommend her not to eat pork. As Kathrine’s headaches got better, her stomach would get upset if she ate pork.

Kathrine also began in Helsebrixen’s training, which is a different way of exercising. You exercise by lying down on six different couches that hit their own separate muscle groups in the body. That way, you’re training without pain and without getting injuries. Kathrine hasn’t been benefitting from the hard workouts because they’re too strenuous for her body and soul.

The patches from LifeWave relieve pain and headaches

Kathrine started using LifeWave as a supplement to reduce the headaches and pain. She has not used any other painkillers since she started working with me.

Two months ago I started to giving her healing3A therapy, and from there she has been doing nothing but improving. Kathrine is still drinking Corsentials at night and uses Silent Nights sleep patches from LifeWave. When things get hard, she uses the LifeWave patches. We always talk about what she needs between treatments with me.

Kathrine is now able to start her life again. She is now in school full time and just started working in the toy store BR. Currently she goes for treatment and training about once a week where she is treated for her issues.

My heart aches for all the girls who are fighting the same battle as Kathrine. They do not get the necessary and appropriate help. At least not enough of them do. They’re missing the good times of their teenage years with friends, school and leisure time. I’d love to help all these girls have a better life and I’m so happy to see that Kathrine is improving as much as she is.

Meet the mother of HPV vaccine victim Kathrine at the Forum Housing – Food – Design Fair

Helsebrixen is the largest home and lifestyle exhibition in Forum Housing – Food – Design Fair on October 16th to 18th. Here you can meet Kathrine’s mother Helle Thorius and ask her about Kathrine’s story, the side effects of the HPV vaccine and the difficult days of uncertainty and helplessness. You can also hear more about how Kathrine is doing today.

You’ll also have the opportunity of trying out LifeWave patches, etc. on Helsebrixen’s expense.

Helsebrixen has some free tickets to the fair. Get your free ticket from us at Helsebrixen!

Helsebrixen will also be at the Hvidovre Community Center trade fair on October 10th and 11th, where admission is free.

Introductory night about the HPV vaccine and alternatives

We at Helsebrixen are also planning an intro night with the theme ofHPV vaccine (Gardasil), which will delve into the methods we’ve talked about. Hear more about the LifeWave patches and Corsentials. Please email me if you’re interested and we’ll get you sorted.

Also read Kathrine Thorius’ story in Familie Journal (Danish Magazine) on October 31st, 2015

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