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Irene Lundberg Larsen became a trained chef in 1990 and a professional bachelor in 2006. Since January 2015, she has eaten vegan raw food due to breast cancer. Through her food and teaching - primarily to companies, she disseminates her knowledge of vegan food in order to spread that knowledge as far as possible, and allow into the lives of others. Take a look at Vegan Volume and La Vida Verde on Facebook and at www.spirer.info. Good quality ingredients is particularly important to Irene. As a consequence, she always work with organic foods, and as far as possible, she produces all food herself, so that processed food is minimised. Besides coooking, Irene also offers healing massages at www.well-bein.nu.

How to make a vegan Christmas dinner

Christmas is the prime time for traditions. In all families, we have basically our own traditions about how to, for example, Christmas Eve should be celebrated and what to eat - of course. It...

How to avoid the snack trap over the festive Christmas season

Now it's time for Christmas, elves, Christmas lights and garlands. It’s December and we have planned a bunch of fun and coziness with the family, friends, colleagues at work, in clubs, at schools, institutions...