Down for the count due to hay fever? How LifeWave can help


And so spring comes along and I wake up with a proper sneeze. My nose is completely clogged, my eyes feel like claws against my eyelids and my tongue is quite sore from rubbing the itchy throughout the night. Although I love the spring, there is unfortunately also a page that I am not so crazy about – like a million other people with hay fever.

I would get hit with hay fever even before pollen made it into the media. It was like an extreme cold. Both of my children also have hay fever and allergies. My 14 year old son wa the worst hit for all of us. In recent years, he has unfortunately been getting sent home from school during the grass season. Eyes swollen to the point where he can’t see. He gets really bad and hides behind closed curtains with a wet cloth over his eyes. Also, my daughter, who is a passionate horse girl, is struggling with hay related issues as well. It’s really not easy to know what to avoid.

For several years I have relieved my symptoms with eye and nose drops and pills. But even the pills aren’t enough. Sometimes I take an extra one in desperation. In the fall of 2014 I learned that phototherapy patches from LifeWave to know and use it today diligently to relieve various symptoms. Last spring, as hay fever began, I took all my new “home pharmaceuticals” with me. When I felt the hay fever coming, immediately found my notes rather than the proposed location of the various patches, and so I followed them. It made a huge difference!

The To Human app – my allergy guide on the move

However, it was only when I was at home that I could follow the protocols, since I don’t run around with a binder all the time. But I always carry the patches just in case, and so I had to try to remember the locations of the city.

Fortunately, I now have the Two Human app. It makes it so much easier. My phone is always with me so it’s nice to be able to just look under “Allergies” and choose one of the most relevant proposals for the location of Y-Age Aeon, Energy Enhancer, Carnosine and Gluthatione. Which one to use depends on whether it is hay fever, food allergies, or otherwise. Often I relieved my symptoms by simply placing a set of Energy Enhancer on the neck – hidden in the hairline. Then I can skip the pill of and escape the deadening effect.

Groundbreaking protocol for cat allergy

The wildest experience I have had when it comes to relieving someone of allergic reactions was last year when I saw a suggestion for a cat allergy in the To Human app. The suggestion is to place an Aeon patch directly onto the bellybutton and an Aeon patch on the forehead between the eyes. Then you sit or lie with the cat on your chest for 10 minutes, after which the genes will either be reduced or eliminated. It may also be used for my grass allergies, I thought. Always tend to look like someone who has lived a round in a boxing ring after mowing or when I clean the rabbit cage (messing with hay/straw). So when it was again time for mowing, I put on the Aeon on my bellybutton and forehead – and then just started working.

No allergic reaction! As in “absolutely nothing”. Hmm, let’s try the cage. No reaction there either. Brilliant! Both things are done and no sneezing or itching of the eyes.

And then there is the rabbit that lives outdoors and each day comes and enjoys us. It is also challenging for me. But this afternoon I’ll take a well-deserved walk around the neighborhood along with the rabbit on my chest. Cat or rabbit – again it works, and it’s not bad when it is indoors.

The rest of the season last year I had no patches associated with mowing – now it just wasn’t a challenge anymore. I rarely needed to use pills or drops last season. It’s a big boost in your quality of life. I am so ready to repeat it all at the first mowing!

Horse allergies vanished

I love horses just like my daughter. I’ve gone to riding every week, but with me it is not only hay and straw that is challenging. The horse’s coat is problematic and especially during the spring when the winter coat gets thrown out. Just to test the above success, I’ve tried to test the Aeon at home and taken extra Aeon with me. I just put these om my nose when I was having problem. Does the horse think that Saturday was extra nice because I hugged him as hard as I could be. And since that Saturday the allergy is so limited that I have chosen not to take a pill when riding.

And what about my son?

Last year we were using the patches to keep most symptoms in check and patches, combined with traditional hay fever treatment pills, sprays and drops (to a much lesser extent than normal). This has made him for the first time in years not have a single day of absence in school because of pollen allergy. He was more than happy and completely ready again this year to use the patches from LifeWave and supplement with hay fever medication if necessary.

Wonderful spring with patches from LifeWave

Now it is spring again. I sneeze already. Rather than a set of Energy Enhancer from LifeWave that I put firmly under the hairline on the neck. It slowly helps and it no longer feels like walking inside a bubble. In the evening it is completely crazy again and it’s easier to desperately grab a pill to get relief. I’m tired and can’t be bothered finding d the patches.

Yesterday I was in the garden all day – the lawn should really get a taste withsome with vertical cutter but I’m still avoiding eating more pills. I just put on fresh LifeWave patches. This morning I could feel that day would again be challenging, which is why I found the Two Human app that suggested the following:

  1. Put the anti-stress patch Y-Age Aeon on the neck
  2. Attach the Y-age Gluthatione on the back straight to the right of the spine where the ribs stop
  3. Put the energy patch Energy Enhancer on the front of the chest, respectively to the right and left of the neck.

All the locations have different meridian lines, but since I graduated out of this world, it’s very liberating to view the reviews posted on the To Human app.

I’m just completely in love with the difference that these small patches from LifeWave can make. Hay fever is tremendously debilitating. But not this year. Oh, it’s going to be a beautiful spring!

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  1. Hi Mai-Britt
    How nice that you and the children, hay fever and allergies can be helped with LifeWave patch.
    Last year, I also used the Cat Allergy Protocol, where I layed out on the newlywed grass with Aeon on the 3rd eye and on the navel, thereby I got my beginning grass pollen allergy 🙂


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