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Bente Nyeboe came across LifeWave in 2014 when she was looking for something to help her with her menopause symptoms as she had previously used hormone pills and hormone patches. Bente got in touch with a distributor and today she’s a big fan of the patches and skin care series Alavida from LifeWave. Bente Nyeboe is a LifeWave distributor herself today, primarily from her home in Switzerland. Contact Info: bente@nyeboe.net.

My preferred skin care range: Alavida facial nectar, night cream, and patch

Every woman loves skin creams. We eat up (I'm sure you do too) advertisements. We try the new exciting, upcoming products - whether it's an ordinary cream, serum, wrinkle cream, face cream, facial mask, or whatever it is....

How to get easily through menopause

Do you feel like thousands of other British women around the age of 50? Do you suffer from several symptoms of menopause, like mood swings, hot flashes, reduced libido and weight gain? Then take...