My preferred skin care range: Alavida facial nectar, night cream, and patch


Every woman loves skin creams. We eat up (I’m sure you do too) advertisements. We try the new exciting, upcoming products – whether it’s an ordinary cream, serum, wrinkle cream, face cream, facial mask, or whatever it is. We’re looking for all the results that the advertisements say they can provide us with, which sometimes isn’t actually equally as silky and fine as the models in advertisements. Sometimes we find a cream that surprises us, but there’s also a lot of disappointment out there. But it doesn’t really matter in the end because we know that there’ll be something new for us to try soon enough. Can you relate to this?

How I had it in October 2015. It was there where I really got tried LifeWave exciting new skincare concept Alavida based on a completely new technology. Alavida is a brand new skin care line – a trio that make the skin healthier from the inside out and the outside in. The series consists of a face nectar, which provides moisture to the skin (a natural anti aging product), a night cream that provides firm skin and evens wrinkles and Alavida patch, which strengthens the skin from the inside out.

With Alavida’s home care series, I first got really much space in my toiletry bag. First, I no longer have all sorts of products with which I had before for all purposes. Today I am here for only use a simple face cream in the morning, a simple night cream in the evening, and a small patch in the neck to the body to help him regenerate during the night. It can not be easier. Add to this just added to my pocketbook at the same time has been a little heavier.

Get silky smooth skin and reduce wrinkles significantly

Already after a short time after I started to use Alavida, felt my facial skin softer. It is also easier to be make-up – and the last longer during the day. When I started on the new skin care line, I had a few prominent wrinkles between the eyes. Today they are shrunk. Maybe others do not see it as much as I can, but for me it means a lot.

Today I spent Alavida in seven months. I am sure that I do not go back to some of the many hundreds creams, which I before to have used. My skin feels softer and look prettier – even on the neck. Some of the small brown spots that come with age, is also diminished, if not completely disappeared. It is as if the skin has been a small natural drill. Not just for me but for many women will Alavida provide a nicer skin – and a better self-esteem. For it is what it is all about.

Natural skin care – without chemicals

Here are some brief facts about Alavida trio:
– 98.6 percent natural plant-based ingredients
– Reduces wrinkles, lines and bumps on the skin
– The skin gets a youthful glow
– Increases skin firmness
– Discoloration of the skin smoothed.

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Bente Nyeboe came across LifeWave in 2014 when she was looking for something to help her with her menopause symptoms as she had previously used hormone pills and hormone patches. Bente got in touch with a distributor and today she’s a big fan of the patches and skin care series Alavida from LifeWave. Bente Nyeboe is a LifeWave distributor herself today, primarily from her home in Switzerland. Contact Info:


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