This is how to quit smoking with LifeWave patches (part 1)


A new journey has begun. A journey with goals and deadlines. During my 14 day holiday in Thailand, I’ve decided that I’m going to stop smoking. Hmm…Now you might be thinking: Who the heck sets a goal like that on their vacation? I do. I want it to happen now.

Deadline – April 2 to April 16
Destination – Thailand
Goal – Quit smoking

In my work as a professional networker I work often with goals by using the SMART model. That’s why I also choose this tool for quitting smoking.

S = Special
M = Measurable
A = Attractive
R = Realistic
T = Timely

You can read more about the SMART model here.

My goal HAS BEEN set. All possible tools and resources must now pass the test. Being a non-smoker must be possible – even for me!

Saturday, April 2nd: My boyfriend and I just grab the last few things before we’re off to our flight to Thailand that evening. We visit my sister in the afternoon, who made pancakes. As we sit and eat pancakes I think to myself: You have to let people know before the holiday, so that everyone knows what the rules will be afterwards. I tell her I’ve decided to stop smoking while on vacation and that I don’t want there to be any smoking inside with us when I come back. My sister thinks it’s sensible not to smoke inside. She’s a smoker herself. However, she’s a little skeptical about quitting smoking while on vacation: Is it really a good idea?

11 o’clock is approaching. We’re on the airplane. This is it! On with the LifeWave patches SP6 Complete behind my left ear, Y-Age Glutathione on my neck and Y-Age Aeon on the right wrist. You can find a description and photos on the Tohuman app under ‘Smoking’. I also treat myself to a Silent Nights sleep patch since I have a long flight ahead of me.

6 1/2 hours later I wake up to get off the plane. We have a half hour layover. Normally I would be out chasing the first best place to smoke, but not this time. No urge or desire to smoke! Hmm…It still feels a little weird. Then onto the next flight. Another 6 1/2 hour flight, out of which I sleep for 5-6 hours. By now I’ve passed the first 20 hours without a cigarette and I still have no urge to smoke…

On with the patches – no more urge to smoke

Now I sit here on the seventh day, totally surprised by how the last seven days without cigarettes have been. I would be lying if I said I haven’t thought about cigarettes, but the truth is that I haven’t had the urge to smoke. I’ve repeatedly thought to myself: Hmm. It would be so easy to smoke right now, but the desire to just hasn’t been there. Fantastic. It makes me really happy!

On day 5th, 6th and 7th day I sit next to a smoker on the beach. I sit next to smokers at breakfast. But I still don’t even want to smoke. My spirit is high. I think that’s why I haven’t been more difficult, irritable or stuffy than normal. Considering the boyfriend and I are on vacation, which can sometimes may cause minor conflicts, he really doesn’t seem to think that I’ve been very affected.

Week 10: My first week as a non-smoker. I am proud. I changed my patch every day for the first 5 days.

Week 11: My second week as a non-smoker. Tuesday offers challenges. Rum tasting at a run distillery. Alcohol makes my body cry out for cigarettes, but I haven’t had any patches on in five days. I hurry up and put on some patches. Shortly afterwards, I feel calm and the craving to smoke disappears.

On Saturday we have to take the plane home. It’s really strange because the closer we get to home, the more my desire to smoke increases. On with new patches again and then I’m right back on top.

Week 12: My 3rd week as a non-smoker. Monday, the first day back at work after vacation. Previously in my post about smoking written I’ve talked about feeling as if certain people or places can give me the feeling of just having to smoke. So here comes the ultimate test!

The square I used to smoke at moved while I was away on vacation, which I see as a huge plus. I have no emotions associated with the new location. No craving for cigarettes arises. Not even when my regular supplier offers me my regular morning cigarette. No thank you, I answer. I quit. I’m really proud of myself. I don’t have to fight myself to be brave as it’s quite natural for me to say ‘no’.

We have quests on Saturday. I can feel that this is going to be a bit of a challenge. Lovely people, delicious food, wine, fun…whew – it practically reeks of smoking cravings. Hmm, I have to make sure that I’m prepared to resist. I text one of the people who are coming: Do you still smoke? The person answers yes. Well, I think, we are all former smokers, and I won’t accept any cigarettes in my home. I have no cravings on Saturday. It’s a complete boost.

Week 13: My 4th week as a non-smoker. Still going strong. No smoking and I haven’t had the patches on in 14 days.

Corsentials to ease stress

The suggestions for “Smoking” in the Tohuman app have been really good. I have alongside with my patches been drinking Corsentials, which is a dietary supplement from LifeWave. What’s so unique about this product is that it works on the cellular level. The reason I have chosen to drink Corsentials is to alleviate stress. Because stress is something that I’ve struggled a lot with while quitting smoking before and it’s made me fall back into bad habits. Corsentials can also support my immune system and detox and remove waste products from the body.


My best advice for quitting smoking

My best advice to you sitting out there wanting to stop smoking:

1. Make peace with your cigarettes. Make time. Do not stress over it because that’ll only make it worse.

2. Don’t listen to what everyone else says. You must stand up for yourself throughout this entire journey. Others don’t know how you feel.

3. Make sure that you don’t start making excuses for yourself and use it as an opportunity to smoke.

The biggest mistakes that I’ve made:
• Not using patches
• Not taking quitting seriously
• Not prioritizing better
• Not making my own rules – and that is not something that’ll make quitting any easier. See, for example, the method that many people who try to lose weight use: If there is someone who has seen you eat it (smoked) as key (counter), then they are not good for you.

The weight! It’s any smoker’s nightmare to gain weight. You win some, you lose some, ladies and gentleman. There is no difference. It is really also a victory.

We will meet again on July 1st when you can read about the following:
• I celebrate my three months as a non-smoker.
• Am I still able to stand up for myself and stay strong?
• What happened to the weight?

I hope that you’re able to find your way through this journey with the knowledge of my mistakes and my advice.

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