3,2,1! Yes, please, to a toned body with less fat with WinFit


Hold on to your hats folks!

I know that I’ve previously in this blog invited you into my private life and written about my own success in achieving a good life with rheumatoid arthritis without any chemicals. At that time, I waved goodbye to arthritis and painkillers and started using the LifeWave patches together with the dietary supplement Theta One – also from LifeWave. You have also been allowed to hear how my teenagers use LifeWave products to fight hay fever, stress and skin problems.

Why is it so earth shattering this time? Because you are allowed to follow my journey with WinFit – the new body-forming system, launched in September at the big event in Copenhagen.

We are all a little vain when it comes to weight and shape, so it’s also a bit strange to share it here.
But the decision has been made – so please go on board and follow my journey, where I wave goodbye to my current distribution of body fat and muscles, etc.

Weight and body fat percentage documented

Before the event I visited a dietist who weighed me and measured fat percentage, etc. In addition, measurements were taken on the knee, thigh, upper arm, hip, waist and chest. Such … bum … black on white. I chose not to see the numbers, and we did not talk at all about the status of my body. I do not want to be able to make small checks along my way home. I’d rather prune and test with WinFit and then visit the diet again after a month’s use.

Next time I will take the numbers home with me and please share them with you in my next blog about the journey with WinFit.

Was I excited about WinFit after the event?

I think so. So much in fact that I flew home and shared my experience with you here on the blog. And then I spent the sunday reading all my notes and especially the book that David Schmidt, founder of LifeWave and CEO, wrote about the background of WinFit, how it works and why it seems why other pills and dieting failures fail. Something of an assertion, not!

Try to think that in 1980, 19% of the world’s population was overweight. That figure had risen to 29% in 2013 – and the figure for Europe in 2015 is 59%. The numbers are scary.

David Schmidt’s “love handles” kickstarted the whole concept

David Schmidt was motivated by the fact that he had an insatiable “car tire” about his stomach and was annoyed not to be able to train it away or to influence it severely through the diet. Although he ate a healthy, varied diet, that was not enough. He simply could not think of various cures with lots of restrictions in relation to different foods / groups, calorie counting or chemistry. And he is a busy man, so exercising hard several hours daily did not fit into his life.

But he would like a healthy, slender body – it feels good and who does not want to look good too. In addition, he wants to see himself grow older in the good way – avoiding lifestyle diseases (eg, the risk of 15 types of cancer related to overweight like cardiovascular disease) and could even cope with most things over the years.

So in the laboratory, a system had to be invented, with no food restraints, without extreme training, at the same time successful in getting a healthy body. It ended with WinFit, where you copied what the body is naturally created for.

Skinny without a diet

Our bodies are designed to accumulate fat and limit muscle mass. This has ensured the survival of the species. Our bodies are not overweight, which was not a challenge at the time because of the limitations in the amount of food and plenty of exercise. In the present we have access to lots of food and we have become much more quiet. And then we have the ballad. Then we go for a diet!

Even, the word “diet” alone produces many negative thoughts about restrictions in relation to the amount of food, the type of food and the calorie counting schemes. Already there you get tired – which is also a fact when you eat less than you burn … so you become tired, uninvited, hungry and demotivated. Suddenly you see yourself with a cake or something else in your mouth – and then the bad conscience comes over to have failed. Though not. I have been there many times and know everything for the defeat when I suddenly just did not get any more.

Exercise on a busy day

Then there’s the exercising. I like working out, sure. When I read the women’s magazines in the spring and see a smart workout, where you can get a nice bikini body in just 30 days, I’m already tired after reading about day number 3. How in the world I’m going to get the intense daily exercise Into my everyday life. I wish it was possible, but it is not.

In addition to this, I still have rheumatoid arthritis. Although I do not let it limit me in my everyday life, I can’t jump around that much. To me it is a huge success that I am there today, where a 5 km. Run is possible.
Think, to melt 1 kg. Fat of the body, then you should burn approx. 7,000 kcal. Just so for info, an intense spinning time would burn approx. 800 kcal.

First results with WinFit

The WinFit system – no restrictions, minimal exercise and it actually works!

I have seen that with my own eyes. David Schmidt looked unusually fit and younger when he went on stage last Saturday. At the same time, the day offered lots of testimonials who shared their results, and that we had the opportunity to talk to in today’s breaks.

There were both those who had the goal of losing some fat and gaining a little muscle tone. There were those who needed to lose a lot, and there were also the slim ones who were already training but who had a desire to build more muscle mass. I was not disappointed – I just got more and more excited. This is for everyone. One of the test subjects, who is very slim, told her that she had been painless when she got up – something that her gout had otherwise challenged.

WinFit-pakkeSo what does the WinFit concept consist of?

WinFit is designed to increase muscle mass, resulting in increased combustion, which in turn will burn off fat. In addition, the muscle mass must be maintained and restored to keep the combustion constant at high levels.
Today, I’ve got my WinFit kit delivered, and now it’s packed and I’m done.

The starter kit has everything you need for the first 30 days:

  • 2 boxes of Theta One
  • 1 pack of WinFit patches
  • 1 pack of Carnosine patches
  • The WinFit book
  • Instructions
  • Access to workout videos
  • Access to a weekly webinar with David Schmidt
  • Weekly mail with tips and tricks.

With WinFit, LifeWave has made a system that follows a daily rhythm that fits into one’s own life. It’s about eating all their meals within a self-chosen 8-hour period and then giving the body the opportunity to process the food. Our pancreas has work to make digestive enzymes and, in addition, produces insulin that ensures blood sugar balance. It is the one that has often been broken to our lifestyle and past attempts to lose weight. The combustion has gone haywire.

The food is recommended to be plain healthy food, like organic, where you get plenty of green and also carbohydrate and protein as well as fruit. But there is also room for wine and a cake. When David tested himself, he tried both with pizza and dougnuts along the way – and yet the results came. It’s not much about what you eat, but more about when you eat. Therefore 8 hours period.

The training should be 2-4 times weekly for 10 minutes. Training videos have been made available to you when you purchase WinFit starter kit. It can be made at home. If you train already, you will only continue with that workout. Are you more than 15 kg? Overweight, starting with fast daily walks of 10-20 minutes in the first 4-8 weeks.

The new WinFit schedule

A daily schedule of WinFit looks like this for example:

  • 7.00 – Stand up and drink 500 ml. of water to kickstart today’s combustion.
  • 7.15 – Today’s workout (if it is a workout day)
  • 08.00 – After the bath I apply the WinFit patch to keep the combustion going
  • 11-19 – Today’s 8 hour eating period. Remember to get enough food!
  • 30-60 minutes before bedtime I drink 500ml. of Theta One
  • Just before bedtime, the Carnosine patch is applied and this will ensures the repair of cells, etc.

No excuses – WinFit is that easy!

If you are nervous about remembering the different things, then the package also includes day schedules where you can quickly cross when one of the above-mentioned things is done. So it’s easy!

During the past week I have been following webinars with David Schmidt, where we could ask questions. One of the questions was whether you could have a daily schedule and a weekend schedule. And yes, you can also have a day when the period may be 9 hours. It does not spoil the results. So there is no excuse at all.

Both my everyday life and my social life can continue. My choice has been made – both motivated to want those 5 kg, to get an energy-rich, healthy body and, most importantly, to prevent future life-style illnesses. And it’s absolutely no chemistry.

I’m looking forward to sharing my journey with you.

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I am interested in the body, health, and living well with a chronic disease. I have a background in the financiel world with 25 years of experience with number and facts. In 2014, my life changed. I became a distributor of LifeWave products. These days, I am a networker, ambassador, and distributor of LifeWave. Follow me on the Facebook page Maibody.


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