Knee sprain – easy pain relief with patches


I’ve had a membership to one of my city’s smaller gyms since the winter holiday. I have given myself the challenge of trying out team sports and spent more time doing them than I’ve ever tried before. I’ve also hired a personal trainer to create a work out program for me with my disadvantages in mind as I have rheumatoid arthritis, which means that I can’t perform certain exercises. This really drove my expectations of perseverance and will to work out, which is exactly what I had hoped for.

One of the team sports that I resumed was spinning/biking. I just love how the body can truly get worked out when you concentrate and don’t just let your legs lay limp. So at least every Tuesday I get up on the saddle and feel so much motivation from my instructor.

One Tuesday not long ago I was at it again. I adjust my pace and tension along the way in accordance with the instructor’s guidelines. I focused on making sure that I was sitting properly, tensing my core and getting maximum stamina and activating the maximum amount of muscles possible. I practiced exercising my legs both in terms of running and biking. It’s crazy how effective it is.

I don’t know what exactly happened this Tuesday. Maybe I was working myself out too rough or maybe I angled my leg in a weird way…but when I come home and cool down, my right knee starts hurting. I put ice on it several times during the night and am hoping that the pain decreases.

I can feel it aching as I go to bed and it only gets worse throughout the night. I keep having trouble finding peace. Damn! However, I’m convinced that my knee isn’t that bad and it’s just a strain. It sucks through because I have my work out program on Wednesday.

Pulling out the pain and anti-stress patches

I decide to pull out my box of patches on Wednesday morning. The IceWave and Aeon patch, which is an anti-stress patch, reduces the inflammation in the body.

I put the brown IceWave on the inside of the knee and the white one on the outside. Aeon is placed above the knee itself. The pain is completely painless within minutes. Being able to walk up and down the stairs again is wonderful!

However, I’m not too stubborn in any way. I have tremendous respect for the importance of rehabilitating so I decide to throw my work out bag in the trunk and let my knee rest for the day.

Everything goes smoothly, so I then head off to the gym. I warm up on the cross-trainer without any problems and then I carry on with my regular workout – except for the leg press. Before I go to bed I take off my patches to check it out. I feel a bit weak in the knee, but there’s no pain. Nevertheless, I choose to put on patches again. This time the Aeon reduces inflammation together with the Carnosine, which rebuilds on a cellular level. They just stay on there until they fall off by themselves, and I haven’t had any issues since then.

Find the photo guide in the TOHUMAN app

I already know the patching method. I’ve helped a young man with his knee pain who plays badminton, as well as my partner from time to time whenever she has knee pain from running (since a meniscus injury surgery).

If I hadn’t know this method, I would have found it on the TOHUMAN app on my phone if I had searched for “knee pain”. It doesn’t get easier than that!

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