LifeWave remedies heel spurs in ONLY two days


6 months ago I was contacted by an acquaintance of mine, Anne-Marie, asking if LifeWave patches could help her heel spurs. She has had the heel spurs for about 4-5 years now. It comes and goes periodically. “Yes, I’m sure it could.” I say and add: “The patches can help it, but I don’t know how long it’ll take.”

Anne-Marie is, of course, like many others doubtful about whether or not a patch outside of the skin could really help. She comes anyway by and buy some patches of me, but she wants in the first place not to sign up as a distributor for an advantageous price, before she has seen, if it works.

Quick effect with Aeon and IceWave

At home Anne-Marie puts on the Y-Age Aeon patch in the neck, brown IceWave patch on the pain in the heel and a white IceWave where the pain pulls up. There are ONLY two days, so the troublesome heel spurs away. Anne-Marie proclaim now that she is painless. After three months she has noticed no heel spurs. She is obviously very happy because it has bothered for 4-5 years.

Anne-Marie is today started as LifeWave distributor and can, like the rest of us with such a wow experience did not help to tell the whole world that these marvelous and wonderful patches from LifeWave works. A side-effect is that she has been really good to drink plenty of water when she uses the patches. It’s not just that the patches work better, but it’s generally good for the body and health.

Facts about heel spurs

Heel spurs are a lime horn of the heel bone, which has developed due to overloading of the plantar tendon plate. Heel spurs typically occurs after 40 years of age, and often because they practice sport where you run or jump a lot, or in people with flatfoot or cavoid foot.

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Following a fantastic, personal experience with LifeWave products during 2014, I became a LifeWave distributor. Every day, I help customers in my shop with LifeWave patches. My clear attitude is that if we can make people deal with the most common "everyday problems" with a LifeWave patch, we can increase their quality of life, and maybe in the long run, the healthcare system can save some money. Contact me at


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