Ouch, my little toe is broken


I live in a beautiful old farmhouse with six horses. On Easter Day, I go to lock the gate to the pasture where my mare is, she is very healthy and dances all the way from the stable down to the pasture.

Oh yes, when I open the fence, she goes up into the air without any notice and uses my foot as a jumping-off point. OMG, it hurts. The horse goes on my smallest two toes and I can’t walk or stand without being in pain. The worst part is my little toe.

I have owned and trained horses for 40 years, and since you usually learn to handle horses by having them walk on the right side of you, I have indeed broken my toe twice before.

How I reduce the swelling and pain

If I go to the hospital, I know that they are taking an X-ray, and maybe they lose their toes with the penultimate toe. So I choose not to take it because the rest of the footbones are intact.

I put on the Glutathione and Carnosine patches to reduce the likelihood of inflammation and to increase the healing time and reduce my pain. It helps so much that the rest of the foot does not turn blue and I can walk on it.

But the lilletåen is about 2.5 times as big as normal and therefore it’s impossible to wear shoes – so I have to use cutters, and because it’s so cold in the spring, I have to have socks on. Yes, that’s a very sore sight 😊

The foot and toe improve almost every day, and it is actually unbelievable that I haven’t lost my toenail yet. Once again, the LifeWave patches have made a big difference, and I’m just so fond of this natural at-home and stable pharmacy.

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Annette Hammerich works with energy therapy and kinesiology on humans and animals, which has given her extensive personal and professional experience with LifeWave. Annette Hammerich is a very experienced dealer with very passionate and knowledgable when it comes to product use on animals. Contact information: +(45) 4264 7770 or ah@touch4health.dk. Visit www.touch4health.dk.


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