BREAKING NEWS! To Human LifeWave blog is to become an international blog forum


Since we we started the Tohuman blog in mid-August, the blog has been all about LifeWave products and protocols and how to add this to your everyday life. We are blown away by the overwhelming interest. We have more readers than we ever could have dared dream of. With over 15,000 page views and 10,000 visitors soon we call it a huge success. We are just barely two months after the launch and we are completely overwhelmed by the fantastic interest.

The personal experience of LifeWave products and the knowledge that bloggers share have been such a motivation. The need to gain the knowledge of peers – other LifeWavers – is great and even much greater than we had realized.

LifeWave distributors and people who have made LifeWave part of their home pharmacies are curious and inquisitive. Yes, I’m talking about you: I seek knowledge, and you’re wise so I know that it works. Because I want to help others. Because LifeWave is an indispensable part of your life.

So what am I trying to get at?

The success of the Tohuman blog means that we are already on our way out into the world. This English blog is a result of that! We thereby hope to act as a breeding ground for bloggers from all over the world. We look forward to creating the foundation for sharing even more information.

Would you like to blog on the Tohuman blog?

We at the Tohuman team believe and know that the Tohuman concept has been the foundation for a forum where we can all share experiences and knowledge, access each others’ experiences and easily and quickly get help. We want to grow even more.

The Tohuman blog now has 12 active bloggers and more new bloggers are on their way to creating their profile on the blog for blogging. You can read more about our fantastic team of bloggers at this webpage.

You can find blog entries about:

  • LifeWave’s Alavida
  • The fight against colic
  • The HPV vaccine Gardasil
  • Stress and lack of energy
  • Network marketing
  • Review of LifeWave products
  • Test and good experience with LifeWave
  • Aha-moments with LifeWave
  • How to support your training with LifeWave patches and products
  • The use of LifeWave products in the fight against obesity
  • The and To Human app

Check out som of all the exciting posts.

Do you dream of becoming a part of the blog team while achieving personal branding? Then email me at

Become even wiser about the LifeWave patches and the Alavida skin care

On this blog we have created a whole FAQ section about the LifeWave products and this is continuously growing.

If you have not already seen it, then you can find interesting information about LifeWave on here. We have of course already described the new products from the Alavida skincare range.

Read the text and watch the videos on LifeWave patches, Alavida and Corsentials.

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2014 was the year I began my first foray into LifeWave. I chose to test all the products on my own body. I changed my diet and had a targeted training programme made. It has turned around my life 180 degrees. To Human is a concept I made to increase the quality of life for myself and for others. To Human blog is a forum, a magazine, and a knowledge-sharing centre for LifeWave enthusiasts - human to human. The To Human app is an online guide, helping you step-by-step with the use of your LifeWave products on-the-go.


  1. Beautiful reading. Good to see the support that the site receives. And not least, visitors are steadily increasing. Glad to read that we will eventually benefit from even more super bloggers. Such a lot of knowledge, which is being collected in this cyper-tax coffin. It is also interesting to see the upcoming international potential, which is now closer than ever before.

    Thank you Dear Jan for launching this forum …
    Hugs from Steen.


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