The news are in! We have tested Nirvana – a double acting mood lifter


I’ve been excited about what new things LifeWave has to offer in terms of exciting and unique product. Finally, the new product Nirvana has been revealed. It’s a product named “Double acting mood lifter”.

Nirvana consists of two small pills taken in the morning and a patch that is put on in the evening. It’s pretty easy, and everyone can join. Both pills and patches stimulate endorphin production, and it’s just endorphins that make you feel better. A great product for all those who soon get bored of it is just sad or think their mood is too bad. However, David Schmidt states that you should first expect a noticeable change after two to three weeks.

A wonderfully good sleep

When I receive the package, I consider how I can best try Nirvana now. I do not really think I’m in the target group, but just try it out. It’s great that I can try for a week and then deliver the rest to my father so he can also test.

Even after a few days I have a wonderful sleep. I sleep well with Silent Nights, but with Nirvana it’s another way. I have the feeling that I sleep even heavier and that nothing can affect my sleep (I usually sleep easily and wake up at the slightest sound). I also feel that my thoughts do not run so far in the negative direction.

Small positive changes

I give the rest of Nirvana (3 weeks worth) to my father. Here I am so excited about his reaction as he has had more challenges than me. Occasionally he becomes a little too keen, and then he loses an overview. He cares a lot and does not always put the word on, and then drive away with him, which in turn gives more concerns. He has some back problems, which sometimes causes him a few seizures similar to epilepsy, and he has problems with the balance. So we agree that here are several points where we may see a difference. So now, just wait.

Now, the three weeks have passed, and some of what I have found out is that others around the father can see others and greater reactions / changes than the father himself can. At first, my father does not think he can feel a difference. But as we get into the conversation, he has actually slept a little better and been fewer times up to pee at night.

Breakouts are far in-between

We spend a whole day at home with my parents painting houses. Normally we have 6 men and everything is planned, serviced and worked. My father is a bit stressed and a confused. This is also one of the triggers of the attacks he receives. Another trigger is, for example, if he stands outward, which he also does this day – several times. But not once he gets an attack.

When I ask my mother whether there is a change in the frequency of these seizures, there may be fewer in the last 3 weeks than usual. But since my parents do not detect any places that dad gets these attacks, it’s only when we talk about it that he will think that there has been a longer period of time than usual. There is also much more calm over my father this day, and he does not stress the same way he sometimes does.

Once again, LifeWave has made a unique and amazing product.

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Anita Hellner was introduced to the wonderful world of LifeWave in 2014. Ever since then, the patches and other products have been her faithful companion. Anita has PCOS and LifeWave has helped her lessen her problems and have given her more energy. She uses LifeWave for both small and big challenges that may arise and loves helping the people who cross her path to achieve better quality of life and health. Contact information:


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