5 fantastic LifeWave Tips for your Holiday


There is nothing better than going around and preparing for a holiday.
Many of you starts in the winter months by asking the family: “Where should we go for the summer?” And when the destination is settled, then you start planning the details for the holiday.

It’s of cures different from family to family, what your priorities are, but typically there are also some different roles in the family as well. Maybe the house’s gourmet, dreams of seafood at the local restaurant on the beach. The adventurist, whose already in thoughts scoots along the river on river rafting. The Teenage daughter, that wants to show of her bikini at the beach, or the cultural, that finds it more interesting walking around and seeing attractions.

LifeWave-sommer-rådEverybody gets a saying, so the holiday will be a great breathing space for everyone. When packing, there are a lot of different thing going in, so you are prepared for anything – for instance sun crème, lactic acid bacteria, LifeWave – patches, pain relief and so on.

I have a different kind of packing. I’ve got a little cardholder, which are divided in compartments. They are filled up with different patches from LifeWave – also I have my cellphone, with the ToHuman app.

Here are 5 fantastic advices for a great summer, which I’ll happily share with all of you, because I know it works:

1. Diarrhea/constipation are handled with Energy Enhancer and Y-age series

Who hasn’t tried food on the holiday, you couldn’t tolerate. Holiday stomach is dreadful and can ruin a great vacation both for yourself and the family. These energy-patches Energy Enhancer, are combined with Carnosine, Glutathione or Aeon – all 3 are from the Y-age series. It doesn’t take long – usually under an hour, before the affect is achieved. Then you will not have a dreadful vacation, nearby a toilet. You can find all of these 5 suggestions in the ToHuman app.

2. Sunburn is relieved with Carnosine

During the entire winter we hunger for the sun, and when we finally can lay on the beach or just be outside enjoying the day, we get easily sunburned. The Carnosine from the Y-age series is very good in this situation, because it’s pain relieving and rebuild the skin again. The patch can also be used in everyday life, for instance if you get burned on the oven.

3. Exhausted/swelled legs? Then it’s out with the energy patch and Carnosine

After the flight and/or walking around seeing local attraction, you can get tiered and swelled legs. If you put Energy Enhancer under your feet, it will start the circulation, and the Carnosine from the Y-age series, will awaken the lactic acid bacteria. Or you can make use of the suggestions in the ToHuman app.

4. Jet lag – remember Silent Nights among other things

It’s a waste of time to be plagued from jet lag. Unfortunately, you can get really sick. So again: Energy Enhancer, Aeon and Glutathione from the Y-age series, and then the sleep patch Night Silent. Then your body will feel better. Here you’ll find 3 suggestions in the ToHuman App.

5. Motion sickness – here are 8 suggestions

There are a lot children and also adults that gets motion sickness, and it’s even worse, if it’s hot. Use the energy patch, Energy Enhancer, alone or with either Gluthatione from the Y-age series or SP6 (Known as slim patch, but it’s so much more) Find 8 suggestions in the ToHuman app.

300 suggestions in the ToHuman app

Maybe it sounds hard, but it really isn’t. You can search for knowledge for exactly the level you wish for, with the ToHuman app. You can be the happy, excited user – which helps yourself and your aquatinters for heightened well-being. In the ToHuman app, you’ll find 300 suggestions, on how different kind of challenges can be solved.

Maybe you like to be “nerdy”, if you think it’s really exciting and want to learn even more about your body or how the products from LifeWave naturally can help the body in balance.

You can at any time find help from other users/vendors – and there are lots of groups on Facebook, here you’ll find help fast. Or you can search through the 100 entries here on Blog.tohuman.dk.

So it’s up to you how you will use the products – but I have to warn you all! It’s really hard to keep your mouth shut, when you uncover, what these little patches can do either in everyday life and on a wonderful vacation.

Enjoy the summer.



  1. I can only agree with you Mai-Britt. It’s very hard not to tell everyone what our patches can help with and how fast they can do it.
    Recently, I quickly took a fragrance allergy from a customer who had a shortness of breath in the chair while streaking her hair, 2 AEON patches on the 3rd eye and the navel, and in just 1-2 minutes. Breathing became normal again and she felt no more for her allergy (y)


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