How I eased Ulla’s painful ankle joints


Ulla recently came asking me if I could help her with her ankle joint pain. I have previously treated Ulla for a migraine using LifeWave patches, so we know each other since before.

I have been working for craniosacral therapy for many years. A treatment lasts about an hour while relaxing on a briquette, while with sensitive touches I relieve tension and blockages (especially around the head, spine, and pelvis). People typically experience a deep relaxation, an almost meditative state.

Ulla tells her story in her own words

I lay down on the couch with a beginning headache, slightly tense and tired.
Since Linda’s hands are under my head, I feel like I’m starting to relax. I’m going to fall asleep – without sleeping. I can easily hear what’s going on, but I would not be able to answer.

My headache disappears quite quickly after Linda begins to lay your hands on me.

My ankles, which are rheumatic, I have a lot of pain in as I lay on the couch, it is dunking with pain. Since Linda’s hands hold my ankles, I can feel a warm spread. The throbbing pain disappears, and I feel a twist in the ankles and feet that slowly eases. The rest of the time I’m “painless” on the couch.

When Linda puts her hands on her back, I first feel calm. My eyes get tired, slowly it’s getting uncomfortable. I feel my head is completely bloated and my eyes stick “tight”. The pressure from the headache comes back and I ask Linda to stop.

Painfree for several days

It is quite normal that you may experience discomfort such as dizziness, nausea, headache, and fatigue when the processes start in the body. Ulla sits afterward and heals for approx. 15 minutes and says, “I’m fine now. I’m not tired, but totally relaxed. It does not bump into my feet while I’m sitting down. It usually does.

The following day Ulla writes a message to me: “I went down to Holbækvej and rode from there all the way home. I still have no pain in my ankles.”

After a few days, the pain comes back. But it is also quite normal. As a rule, it requires a few more treatments to get symptoms alive. You recommend about 8 times as well as repeat as needed afterward.

What is craniosacral therapy?

Craniosacral therapy originated from an osteopathic (manual-medical) method and was first described by the American osteopath and doctor William Sutherland around 1920. Craniosacral therapy came to Denmark in the mid-80’s.

The treatment is based on the fact that the body is “heard and accommodated” by the therapist “listening” to noticeable rhythms and movements in the body. These rhythms exist throughout life. The therapist’s way of meeting the body causes the body to actively release its conscious and unconscious tension. Everything in the body consists of cells, and each cell is part of our energy system. Therefore, all manual therapy, including craniosacral therapy, can be termed work with the energy of the individual and the body’s own resources.

Craniosacral therapy works with bones, membranes (cerebral cortex), cerebrospinal fluid (brain fluid), muscles, connective tissue and organs, and thus affects the nervous, hormonal and immune system and thus has an effect on the entire body.

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Linda was introduced to LifeWave's light therapy patches in 2012. She has always been interested in the world beyond as a clairvoyant, amongst other things. Working with homeopathy has been passed down through generations for her family. The light therapy patches opened yet another world as she came began working with meridian lines in eg. acupuncture. The insight into the LifeWave patch technology made Linda want to learn more about alternative treatments. She is now conducting a training course in Craniosacral Therapy. Linda uses the LifeWave light therapy patches in all kinds of treatmenst and find that her clients are very excited about the effect of the anti-stress patches in particular. Contact information:


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