IceWave provides very good pain relief


As you may remember from my previous post, I am injured and have been having a hard time riding my bicycle. Fortunately, LifeWave has helped me a lot. I just received my MRI results that I’ve been waiting for, and I have a bruise on the kneecap. I can’t do much about that. I have therefore used the IceWave patch around the knee: It has provided me with great pain relief…


If the pain persists, I have an injection in the knee. If this does not help, then I have a keyhole surgery, where they will remove any tissue in the knee. I hope sørme not. I hope instead LifeWave will help me to heal so that I may soon be at full power again.

I have a new trainer who helps me how I can train with the injury. So far helps LifeWave fortunately a lot. With the help of IceWave I have also been able to work out more regularly than I would otherwise, so I am actually a bit lucky that I just now got the opportunity to test LifeWave patch technology.

Coping with back pain with the ToHuman app

Since I started blogging, I have been given a new habit. Two Human app has become part of my regular procedures. I turn easily different types of pain up that I have or acquaintances, and suddenly I’ve got a tool to easily relieve the pain.

The other day my mother complained for example about back pain. I opened up immediately in Two Human app under ‘back pain’ and quickly found out how I could apply the patches from LifeWave. I did, of course, the app shows, and just 20 minutes later, my mother could hardly feel the pain more. My mother has never tried LifeWave before. She is somewhat skeptical about it, even when she can feel the change in her bad back. For can it really be because of the patches.

My mother is such a person, who need evidence, and I have given her. When she gets back ache again, I will help her again, so she is fully convinced that it works, because it does! I myself am very impressed – and many others around me also. Indeed, there are also many who are curious about what it is for something that I have on the knee.

Briefly about the IceWave pain patch

IceWave is a patch for pain from LifeWave and probably one of LifeWave most famous patches, as many people experience pain frequent or chronic pain. It has a cooling and soothing effect on tenderness, local pain, body pain and inflammation. Many experience very rapid effect, while the patch is light and easy to use – without chemicals or harmful substances.

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He has several international championships in the bag. He has participated in the European Championships in track cycling and has been selected for the Trofeo Carlsberg with the national team. In addition to this he has won major Danish stage races and one day races. The cyclist Tim Vang Cronqvist has been racing four years. He is extremely focused on achieving the goals he sets for himself. In 2015 he tested the LifeWave products as they are known to increase athletes’ energy and endurance. Tim also got great results from the patches. To Human would therefore like to support Tim in achieving better results as a sponsor of the LifeWave products and the To Human app. Tim has in turn promised to tell us all about the effect he achieves and how he uses the To Human app as a tool. Follow him here!


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