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How to get rid of chronic inflammations

Welcome to the 3rd and final part of the omega 6/3 journey in which I will tell you about how it all started. Today there is an increased focus on the fact that food isn’t just food. There is a big debate about what we should eat but everyone agrees that you have to get the right vitamins and minerals and enough carbohydrates, fat and protein. Although I am very smitten by the omega 6/3 balance, which I think is extremely important for our health, we can expand the intake of the important omega-3 fatty acids.

If you read the many research results available, it’s impossible to doubt that a reasonable and balanced intake of omega-3 fatty acids have a major public health importance.

Not to oily fish, so hope that you are aware of getting a sufficient daily supplement of a high quality omega-3 oil, whether it comes from fish sources or from supplements based on algae and/or in combination with the brand new vegan/land-based sources.

The diet – an important key to the healthy life

I will conclude my speech on the subject by looking at the rise of the oil balance of approximately 8 years ago.

For about 20 years ago began a Norwegian to wonder how the Inuit in the Arctic and in the far north of Greenland has supported himself. These are people who also today live dietary relatively unilaterally. How can they be so healthy mentally and physically? The food comes primarily from small whales, seals, birds and much fish – ie meat in quantities and with a twinkle part coming from the sea. Norwegian traveled there and found people in physical and mental shape. Scientific studies of blood samples, and revealed a body in physiological/biological balance, unique and attractive blood values particularly from fatty acids, especially with a low content of the problematic triglycerides (VLDL and LDL). It was found completely normal values of good cholesterol – HDL. Heart and karstatus normal. Blood clots and high cholesterol were quite unknown concepts, even though these people are not fed on anything other than just meat and this fat in very large quantities – and no subsidies from the green!

The healthy olive oil

Norwegian lingered too long over it well-known fact that people in Mediterranean countries in many areas have a much better health status with far less incidence of many of the cardiac and vascular disorders, hypertension, dementia and others as we struggling with in northern Europe and especially in the USA. On some of the Greek islands, for example. Ikaria in southern Aegean archipelago, is a large part of the population without difficulty up to 100 years. They are physically very well preserved. They have a large and mental energy, and they are struggling not with the many lifestyle diseases that plague us in Scandinavia, in Northern Europe and in much of the world.

It’s not the sun, not the sea! Good enough, he found a generally lower stress levels, but quickly found the researchers to target investigations against what people lived by. They get good enough plenty of vegetables, vitamins and antioxidants from fruits and vegetables – served with a large portion of fish and not much from the dairy. After years of research and studies, the researchers found the factor they were looking for. Since then, many recognized the importance of the great gift nature has bestowed upon us – and as people in many thousands of years have been able to reap our health from: olive oil!

A balancing omega-3 oil

It is now widely agreed that the olive oil has a particularly large impact on our health. More diet studies acknowledge that olive oil’s high content of so-called polyphenols – these are powerful antioxidants has a very, very beneficial effect on our overall health – especially a good influence on fats.

If you harvest the olives early obtained an olive oil with a particularly high content of these important polyphenols. You can know a potent oil from the sharp taste that stings the throat by tasting. The sharper taste, the higher the content of the important polyphenols. These are extremely powerful antioxidants provides maximum protection of all the fats we consume, but also make sure to protect the delicate and fine omega-3 fatty acids and keep these optimal during transport into the bloodstream: It avoids that these are not broken down and creates undesirable oxidation/Oxidisation on their way out to where they are needed – in our cells!

These observations have led to the creation of the right composition of a health-acting optimum balance of omega-3 oil in combination with the essential omega-3 fatty acids and polyphenols. This combination, we now copied by several manufacturers.

Want to achieve a balanced diet?

When asked in Part 2: Can not you just eat really healthy! If the answer is – Yes, it can be good. And: No, that’s hard! – Are you in this regard have its daily omega-3 needs (DHA/EPA) covered, and thus be omega 6/3 balance, you need to eat 300 grams of fat salmon daily! This forces only a few, and one can easily ascertain in daily to ingest this liquid and protected omega-3 oil with an optimum ratio of DHA/EPA.

The dose of the conventional liquid omega-3 fish oil based on, as mentioned earlier, of 0.15 ml per kilogram of body weight per day. day, equivalent to about 10 mL/a tablespoon for a 70 kg person. Can make full ingested by pregnant women, unborn children, young people and all of us.
The algae-based vegan alternative from Zinzino, is the optimal offer for the who want to live vegan. Here you select it particularly effective marine algae “Schizochytrium”, managed to create an omega-3 oil with a high and conditions of DHA/EPA fatty acids and the index of the EPA is high. A filler material of the special vegetable “Echium oil”, gives a high content of omega-3 Stereadonic Acid (SDA) in the body very easily converted into the coveted EPA. Read or re-read Part 2, which deals with the vegan alternative to omega-3.

Why does your current omega-3 supplements may not

There are several factors you should be aware of if you want maximum protection, and want to quit the chronic inflammations. Especially four factors can determine your current omega-3 oil does NOT work, you do not get soothed your challenges or do not achieve the health benefits you want: here with the intention of getting balanced too much omega-6 profits and as we are often just taking an important omega-3 supplementation for.

Possible reasons are:

  • The quality is poor – cheap/not properly made oil capsules with unwanted contaminants. Remember that price and quality are related.
  • Oil, transparencies or capsules are NOT protected by antioxidants coming from the olive oil. There prevent undesirable and problematic oxidations/Oxidisation of omega-3 fatty acids, and more seriously, if any oxidation of e.g. high levels of VLDL and LDL cholesterol (the problematic cholesterol types). It’s the same as throwing gasoline on the fire inflammation! An addition of vitamin E provides no protection – neither excipient of lemon which only added for taste.
  • The dose is too low side – to be optimally be EPA: 1000-1500 mg. DHA: 500-1000 mg – per day! Otherwise you are not near to balance its omega-6 profits and achieve a balance of 3: 1.
  • The ratio of DHA and EPA – this is called DHA/EPA index, optimally 2: 1 (EPA/DHA), most of 1000 mg of EPA! Products with a low EPA content, rogue deals against chronic inflammations. We talk here about a desired “therapeutic” effect; This is available only with EPA amounts of about 1000 mg – more like. This is scientifically recognized several years ago. On American network pages, one can find omega-3 capsules with pure EPA.

NOT recommended, taking its omega-3 supplements from the transmitter. Tran is as the name says, the “fish oil” extracted from cod liver – a relative waste product from the huge cod fishing. Cod liver oil from cod liver oil from fish cleaning organ. The particularly hard to be processed to eliminate the contaminants, heavy metals and others dioxin and becomes the product that you know from cod liver oil. All transmitter products is not recommended. Here is the main factor, the lack of protection from antioxidants and a call for EPA content.

Should I make an absolute recommendation, so should women, children, pregnant and lactating women since sure to keep a high omega-3 levels in the diet. Especially the unborn child receives in this way a very important supplement of omega fatty acids for the formation of brain and nerve tissue. Studies say that DHA embedded in the unborn brain nerve tissue in large amount (taken from the mother) and here particularly important 0-5 years. After this age, an increasingly larger EPA supply essential!


The brain’s fatty acid paradox

Maybe someone asks why all this about DHA/EPA? Why is it so important?
Already 10 years ago we were at the brain and diet studies indicated some significant conditions. Researchers had long known that the brain’s dry weight is approx. 60 percent. fat, and DHA fatty acid is the main component by approximately 20 per cent. along with omega-6 fatty acid arachidonic acid, AA coming from meat. Therefore they had for many years believed that DHA was the most important omega-3 fatty acid.

A British research team (Malcolm Peet, etc.) set out to investigate this. They presented the findings at a scientific meeting for doctors in Gothenburg in 2000 – a study of omega-3 influences, performed on depression sufferers. Here was one group pure DHA – the other, pure EPA. Surprisingly, you got no significant effect of pure DHA – but very powerful effect of pure EPA! This has since led to the concept of “brain fatty acid paradox”, in the sense that although hjernen- and meninges contain large amount of DHA, it is EPA that the important and controlling fatty acid. One concludes today that the DHA is a structural of the early build-up along with EPA, but the EPA particularly from 5 years of age and above, are of importance so-called dynamic and functional role. Repeated studies (Petrik et al/2000) confirms this. These scientific studies are available to all.

The conclusion of this is that in a product that it is desired to work, the EPA may be present in an excess. Please read the PART 1, where I explain how EPA also here the dynamic and steering function for the formation of DHA – to the extent that the body lacks this – eg. and the eye to the brain/retina and, above all, the function out of the body’s cells.

Many products on the market has an EPA content (compared to DHA), which is approaching 10 per cent. or less. These I would describe as rogue products with regard to achieving the important balance of omega-6/3rd Such products have no effect at all on adverse and chronic inflammations, which gives rise to many of the health challenges they may face.

Nøglen til et sundt liv

I will conclude this series on omega-3 with the following story:
A woman aged approximately 55 years old, comes into my clinic. She has been a vegetarian for 20 years. She has deliberately chosen not to eat meat and fish, but periodically a certain intake of dietary cheese, milk and eggs.

By chance we’re going to talk about inflammation. It leads to a longer conversation. Long story short: The woman has severe problems from the lungs and bronchi with its ramifications. She is of medical specialists diagnosed as having a condition which is characterized by inflammation and destruction of bronkievæggene, a chronic bacterial inflammation at periodic bleeding and scarring.

The state has been the status quo for several years. Nothing has helped. She lived on the instructions of vegan/vegetarian association and therefore felt sure that she has made the right for its nutrition, including getting the necessary omega-3 fatty acids.

I give her the Zinzinos home test and send the test to the laboratory in Norway. The report comes two weeks later at her mail and the test result shows an imbalance of omega-6/3 on – 12.1: 1 – a result which indicates that she with her diet choices that she has chosen for approximately 15 years eat and live so-called pro-inflammatory.

She does not like having to consume a product based on fish. I explain why the life-giving omega fatty acids the extracted from the fish, and as such in its purest form is considered to be necessary omega-3 fatty acids in its natural archetype – originally from algae eaten by fish. Now they are at different processes taken in its basic form in pure essential fatty acids and can therefore be taken as “food” to the brain and cells for all the structures in her body.

A genuine dilemma I admit – but her challenges have so far not been resolved by other means. It all ends with a woman chooses to give it a chance – despite her opposition on the fact that omega-3 balance the oil originally comes from fish.

This message she buys and begins to balance the oil. 120 days later, she is doing well. The disease is more at rest. Bleeding and bacterial infection has slowed, and in addition she achieves also a stop hair loss for as she says, “I’ve got my hair back.” Her test results after four months turns out to be the omega 6/3 balance of 2.5: 1. It is a great success in so little time.

Start out with a test at home

Take a test at home if you want to see if you have a balance of omega 6/3 fatty acids. It is available in different combinations – alm. fish oil, or a vegetarian alternative. Here you can read about the test system that receives a test report online on their mail (See

As seen from the test side, we have so far tested over 230,000 people – in 14 countries. Average for the tested omega-6/3 – is 15: 1 when you deprive the United States where the imbalances are vastly larger.

Personally, I have communicated balance oil and tested 58 people – all have had great results on those around 120 days. For most, that result after a few weeks and improvements which turns out is:

  • Greatly improved immune system, focus and mood, sleep and cognitive functions – ADHD in children
  • Improved skin – smooth skin, improved humidity, less or no skin peeling
  • Strong nails and beautiful hair – cessation of hair loss
  • Cessation of diffuse pain from the spine and large joints – greatly improved the status of “rheumatism” in the hand joints, etc.
  • Click on Part 2 to see all the other benefits, where I lists the other improvements that can be achievable.

Become balanced fast

Hopefully this journey into the omega-6/3 has given you an overview of a difficult subject and can help you make the right choices for your health. Would you after this started quickly with either the conventional omega-3 oil from coming from fish or the new vegan alternative, it can be obtained with or without the test here.

As mentioned in Part 2, you can achieve this balance in just 120 days without having to change their dietary intake. This is done about 95 percent of the time. See Part 2.

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