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Are you an optimist and always thinking positive thoughts about today, tomorrow and the future? Or do you tend to focus too much on the things that are not going so well, what makes you sad and people that frustrates you etc.?

The way you think is possibly the most important factor determining your quality of life and your health. Why? Because when you have a negative consciousness, it affects both your physical and mental well-being.

Just think of all the people who have been diagnosed suffering from stress and depression. This is often because – unconsciously and innocently – they hold on to thoughts of being inadequate, inferior, ill or one thousand other negative feelings.

But the fact is that they are NOT inferior, inadequate etc. Everybody experiences a state of mind where you feel ineffective, inadequate and sad etc. The important thing is that you, at your core, is a healthy and well-balanced person.

Your mind-set has a crucial influence on your quality of life. When, in your thoughts you identify with a given state of mind, you will become this state of mind. But all the various negative feelings and thoughts are a temporary state of mind and when you acknowledge this, then you know not to identify yourself with this temporary mind-set.

Do you hold on to negative experiences from the past?

When we find it difficult to live a positive life, we tend to hang on to old thoughts and feelings. The fact is, though, that the healthiest way to live, is in the here and now. If we hold on to old negative thoughts we live in the past. The things that happened then and the feelings brought on by the experience can be dealt with. Everything we have been exposed to, it’s the feelings around that experience that traps us in a negative mind-set.

A feeling can’t exist without a thought, therefore it’s the thoughts about what happened that keeps us in the past.

Vice versa, if we daydream about the future – or maybe fear it – then we are equally not living in the present. So, the challenge is not to hold on to thoughts from the past or the future.

The key to live in the now

The key to live in the present, is to calm down your thoughts. This is not accomplished by learning or practice new techniques. Calming down your thoughts, mindfulness, is achieved from these realisations:

• Thoughts come and go – up to 45,000 a day.
• Thoughts are not something you HAVE to react to
• Thoughts are not something you have created
• Thoughts only matter and affects you if you focus on them and thereby generate a feeling in you.
• Thoughts are ALWAYS the foundation for how you feel.
• Thoughts can be replaced in a fraction of a second.

Forgiveness releases yourself

On my Facebook page you can find a video about a Holocaust survivor from Auswitch concentration camp during the Second World War. She was subjected to Dr. Josef Mengele’s experiments. She talks about how forgiveness is a positive way for everyone to move forward from whatever terrible events someone has been exposed to. Forgiveness is an action taken in the now to enable you to release yourself to move forward. Those thoughts and feelings about your past, can fade by living in the present and by forgiving the people you feel hurt you in the past.

Please remember

There are, of course, many things other than your thoughts that influences your quality of life. If you are fit and healthy then you are typically a more positive person.
Strengthen yourself and your health:

• Drink lots of water every day
• Eat healthily, preferably organic
• Take the recommended dietary supplements
• Consider a detox

Useful links

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Three Principles Global Community – 3pgc.org

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