Why you should detox daily!


Everyone talks often and a lot about detoxing, and many people talk about doing a detox regularly. Detox means removing toxins, it is that simple. But why do even need it, and why do it daily?

Every day, our body is exposed to foods which can contain remains of pesticides and a whole lot of other stuff. Water can contain remains of unwanted stuff. You receive radiation from Wi-Fi routers and mobile phones. You are exposed to contamination from the air and other things from the outside which acts as poison in your body.

If you have negative thoughts, they too create toxins in your body. The impact on our body of the industrialised age has become so immense that we rarely have a immune system which can keep up with all the stuff we are exposed to. Take a look in a supermarket: How many natural, organic products are there versus industrially manufactured foodstuff?

The many toxins from our everyday is weakening our immune defence system, and when the immune system for the same reasons are not functioning at 100 percent and therefore cannot help battling bacteria, virus, and other things, then we get hit from everything from a cold to what is far worse.

We are equipped with the most fantastic body with a self-healing system – both physically and mentally – if we just allow our body to work freely. The immune defence system is in short the key to your health. Many are of the opinion that you should detox every third month. There is among other things, a guide with LifeWave patches recommended with the same interval. I actually believe you should detox every day.

The massive impact we unknowingly expose our body to – sugar, artificial sweeteners, alcohol, and various drinks with large volumes of caffeine etc., leaves our body with an accumulation of toxic waste products that the immune system have a hard time getting rid of. As a consequence, I am a believer in having your body detoxed once and for all, and then make sure you are detoxed daily thereafter.

5 methods of clearing your body of accumulated chemicals

  1. One of my suggested elements is LifeWave’s patches. Begin with a 5-element protocol followed by a 5-day detox. But that is not enough alone
  2. You need to have your organs and intestines cleaned too. The vast majority of you immune system is in our intestines. To this end, there is quite a few products and ways of doing it, so you need to do a bit of searching on the internet to figure out what is best for you. A colonic irrigation is one of the options. Without getting all the harmful organisms present in your body cleaned out, the lifestyle following will not have the effect wanted. By all means, begin a healthier lifestyle, but clean your body first
  3. Every morning, I have a shot of Aloe Vera, which strengthens my intestines.
  4. Also make use of essential oils. It could be, say, frankincense oil which is said to reduce inflammation and rebuild your immune system
  5. Homeopathy is often overlooked as a tool in this context.

How to cleanse every day

In the end, what you do to your body is your choice. As is often said: Your choices have consequences. Here are some suggestions what you can do to detox daily:

  • Eat good ingredients, primarily organic. Forget all about sugar, candy, crisps, and the like.
  • Consume what you need. Supplement with various vitamins, minerals, etc. For example Vitamin D and B12.
  • Consume what you need. Supplement with various vitamins, minerals, etc. For example Vitamin D and B12
  • Be aware of what you apply to your skin. Also check your toothpaste for harmful chemicals, sich as fluoride. For many years, I have been using a toothpaste based on aloe vera.
  • Exercise every day – for at least half an hour. Use your bicycle, take the stairs, go for an extra walk with the dog, or just for a walk outside if you do not have a dog. It is the small things that means a lot as a whole. Use your body in new ways every day so you use muscles you perhaps were unaware of. Stretching is good.
  • Be good to yourself – mentally and in every other way. Be happy with who you are and what you have.
  • Be aware of the signals your body is sending you. For instance, headaches. An analogy: If you drive your car, and the oil lamp is on – do you put a piece of tape over it, so you cannot see the light? Why then do you treat your body like that when you get a signal that something is wrong? Take a thorough look on your life and see if there is something that needs to be changed – or is it the diet, water, and so on. Of course, there can be situations where you are fully aware of the cause, and pain relief is necessary. To this end, LifeWave’s IceWave is recommended.

If you drive your car, and the oil lamp is on – do you put a piece of tape over it, so you cannot see the light? Why then do you treat your body like that

Concrete actions for an everyday with detox

  • When you wake up:
    o Think of 10 things you are grateful for
    o Send loving thoughts to three people you dislike
  • Go to the mirror and take a look at yourself. Say “Good morming (your name)”. “I love you. We are going to have a fantastic day”, You then have helped your mental mindset along.
  • Drink half a litre of water with LifeWave Activator and Theta One (along with the Aeon patch, it is called Corsentials), while you for example do 5 Tibetans (some yoga-like exercise) – or yoga, stretching, or other activities.
  • Perhaps drink cleansing tea
  • The rest of the morning you drink water with for example organic freshly pressed lemon.
  • Eat your food in an 8 hour window from, for instance, 11.30 am
  • Brug LifeWaves Aeon & Glutathione i løbet af dagen. Kun evt. suppleres med SP6-plasteret.
  • • Use LifeWave’s Carnosine patches during the night.
    o LifeWave’s patches strengthen the breakdown of inflammation and strengthen the creation of the antioxidants Glutathione and Carnosine, which helps clearing the toxins – for instance, heavy metals etc. which are present in the body. The American doctor Mark Hyman calls Glutathione “the mother of all oxidants”. Glutathione strengthens the effectivity of the other oxidants. As such, it is really important to strengthen the level of Glutathione in our body.
  • Also be conscious of your mobile phone use. Do not hold the mobile phone to your ear, but instead use a headset.

I am not there yet, where I can say I live up to all of the above, but it is a good target. Some say that organic food is expensive. They are mostly more expensive when buying them, but the “price” you pay later with regards to your health is much bigger. Consider how much you are willing to pay for things you buy otherwise: Cigarettes, wine, furniture, televisions, and not least; mobile phone. So, an extra 10-15 percent on top of your food budget does not seem so much – to most people, of course.

Detox is a very large and important subject which I have merely scratched the surface of here. Delve into the subject – it is important to your health today, tomorrow, and in the future.

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Kim Brems got talked into trying out the LifeWaves product in 2012 - and he's never turned back! Kim Brems is a trained kinesiologist and later obtained her NLP and Master's Degree in this field. She has also gone through in between training as a stress consultant. When Kim Brems provides treatments (in her free time) she uses LifeWave products most of the time - and get brilliant results. Contact information: www.kimbrems.dk.


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