Fast pain relief from arthritis in the thumb joint


I have had arthritis in my thumb joint for as long as I can remember. It’s more or less there all the time. My grandmother had it and my mother has it, so I think it’s something that’s been passed down, although there is sparse scientific knowledge about that.

My symptoms are at their worst when I overuse my thumb joint. I am right-handed so my right thumb is often more used than my left one is.

As a child I remember my grandmother constantly hitting her thumb on the back of the chair or the edge of the table. At that time I didn’t understand why she kept hurting herself. Today I understand why. I do it myself now sometimes when the pain is too much. Writing by hand or knitting too much causes me to be in pain for several days and means that I can’t grasp anything with my thumb.

Patches on thumb

A few months ago it happened again. I couldn’t stay away from knitting. I have a couple of beautiful grandchildren who would like to have some home-made stuff, so I knitted away. Once the shirt was done, I was off onto the new project. This resulted in great agony.

Now I’m so lucky that I have my little home pharmacy of LifeWave light therapy patches. I found the brown Energy Enhancer, which I placed on one side of the joint and the white one was placed on the other side. Then I placed a Carnosine patch between these two. Barely 5 minutes later, then the pain was almost completely gone. The pain slowly disappeared.

I put on some new patches the next day and repeated the procedure for the next three days. My pain while wearing the patches was nothing compared to what I normally have. On the fourth day there was no pain at all.

Usually it can actually take up to a week, during which I’m really handicapped and unable to do much at all. It really hurts and I can’t bend or move my thumbs without having more pain. So the patches alleviating my pain so quickly has really been a relief!

What is arthritis?

  • Arthritis is a rheumatic disease in which the cartilage and tissues around the joints is gradually destroyed.
  • Out of the more than 200 other rheumatic diseases that exist, arthritis is the most common one.
  • All joints can be affected by arthritis, but the following areas are the most frequently affected: thumb, big toe, hip, knee
  • Over 10 million people have been diagnosed with arthritis in the UK
  • Millions of people says themselves that they have arthritis, eg. bothered by pain and have trouble walking, carrying or gripping things
  • Some live normal lives with arthritis while others have severe pain
  • Arthritis affects both functionality, mobility and quality of life
  • Arthritis can’t be cured, but you can relieve pain and slow the worsening of the disease.
    Source: Arthritis Research UK
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Linda was introduced to LifeWave's light therapy patches in 2012. She has always been interested in the world beyond as a clairvoyant, amongst other things. Working with homeopathy has been passed down through generations for her family. The light therapy patches opened yet another world as she came began working with meridian lines in eg. acupuncture. The insight into the LifeWave patch technology made Linda want to learn more about alternative treatments. She is now conducting a training course in Craniosacral Therapy. Linda uses the LifeWave light therapy patches in all kinds of treatmenst and find that her clients are very excited about the effect of the anti-stress patches in particular. Contact information:


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