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In the late summer of 2016, Hanne I talked about health, diet and quality of life. We talked about the good life we ​​all wish for without all the flaws, difficulties and diseases. We talked about being healthy and agile even when we get older. The reason for this is a previous discussion about dieting and which diet you should choose. We had a long conversation, in which we also deal with body weight, the excess lbs people put on as the years go by. We ask ourselves why you get them what we can do to get rid of some of these extra lbs. We talk about motivation, being dedicated and determined, pitfalls and the daily temptations that make it difficult to make good decisions.

The readers who have not taken part in our trip with WinFit can readily read my previous posts in the WinFit series, including how to use LifeWave’s Body Toning System. Click the bottom right corner and read: More from the author. In my first posts I focused on the WinFit system, speaking about the mindset, content and approach behind it. I also look into how to use the system in my everyday life. In the following posts WinFit Update 2,3,4 and 5 you can follow Hanne on her journey to a healthier life. It’s a journey to a lighter, more tanned body with less fat and also increased muscle mass. The post here is the last update where we’ll go through the status of what we’ve achieved and what experiences we’ve had along the way.

In the WinFit Update 3 and 4, you can read about my views on diet and nutrition, and especially about carbohydrates and the negative impact of sugar and your weight. In other words, it’s all about the ability to eliminate fat!

Get rid of your sugar craving and intake of carbohydrates

If you want to lose weight and fat by instead building muscle, there is evidence that it’s imperative to look closely at your overall carbohydrate intake. This means starchy and simple carbohydrates and sugar in particular. In addition to the pure sugar products as such, we talk about the sugar that sneaks into the food, here referred to as the added sugar. Hidden sugar is found in many of the foods you buy as ready-made and for consumption – refer to the discussion in my previous post that carbohydrates are burned before fat during activity, work, exercise and exercise.

WinFit – a weight loss system

In the first post, I tell you about Hanne being unsuccessful in her previous attempts to lose weight. So when I introduce the system to her she’s very excited and we quickly agree that we should try it out.

In September of 2016, we agree that Hanne will take six months to test the WinFit system to see if it can help her achieve crucial changes for her health. The goal is to give her the weight loss she had long dreamed of. I will assist and support along the way. The agreement will be that she will test LifeWave’s new concept WinFit, which is based on a different view of weight loss over half a year.

WinFit is a weight reduction system with a special focus on converting fat to muscle and not a diet in general sense. An introduction to a system that can give her a lasting weight loss in that she changes some of her diet and eating differently. With a slightly higher recommended protein intake, you should be able to generate an increased muscle mass and thus a better “machine” for combustion of the excess and unwanted fat mass. It needs to be supplemented with mild and moderate exercise habits of approx. 10 minutes duration twice weekly. Hanne will in the course of time be supported by the unique nutritional supplement Corsentials Theta One and LifeWave’s patented patch technology.

Invaluable support along your WinFit journey

We start by finding both weight and tape measurements. From the outset, the family wishes to support Hanne’s goal of a different fit and toned body. Hannes’s course has therefore also inspired the rest of the family. There have been many good discussions and conversations about eating right, getting the right building blocks, a little more protein in the diet, the right fat, the right oils, vitamins and minerals. It is about generally eating healthier and with the WinFit trip, get a different and more nuanced view of what you choose to put in your mouth. In addition, an increased activity level in the form of formal exercise/fitness training. We have also debated a lot and changed a part on the diet.

Let’s say that right away: The WinFit trip has been a challenge for Hanne. Half a year can be a long time, but we are from the start agree that the project should have a reasonable time and that each addition to changing habits and lifestyle should take the time that is necessary. We also agree that if we begin a test of the system then we have to give it time and be realistic. We therefore choose approx. 6 months.

Hanne and I have extensively tried to be a partner couple during the course. I have been allowed to be there during the difficult times that have supported mentally and morally and we have as much as we could have gotten everything together for her with the bumps and breaks that naturally occur in a lived life And with all that you must.

Hannes’s advice to others is that if you want to run a long-term course, it should happen in a closer match with another person who wants the same and shares the same goals. You need mutual support and daily encouragement – like from one who undergoes the same as one yourself. It is hard to be persistent. It will all experience. It requires a special discipline to be consistent in its efforts if you are alone in the project. We strongly agree that a desire for change is mostly about motivation and the ability to keep motivation alive.

Examples of willpower are that you get up early every morning, drink half a liter of water to kick-start your combustion. Then you pull the exercise clothes out of the door for at least twice a week (more) for 10-20 minutes to get the pulse up (preferably with high intensity). It may be easy the first week, you may be harder in cold and rain.

The WinFit concept makes everyday life easier

Keeping the diet window is not difficult at the beginning, where everything is new and exciting, and where the kilos shave off. It is a bit worse for her in the process, where the reduction of kilo goes slower. It’s also difficult when everyday with the family does not match the goals you’ve set. It’s difficult when the friends offer dinner or when the holiday knocks on the door and you have to eat out. Hanne cheats a little while, and during the holiday she gets a break in the process. She chooses to look as necessary to complete a 6-month course. The idea of ​​the course is also that the “system” should prove useful even in an ordinary everyday life. However, the course should be kept as far as possible.

Costly, it requires that you are dedicated and have a strong and pronounced desire for change. Here’s family support important. Hanne believes that it will require an iron will if she should have done everything alone and have not had the support of her family. In practice, this means that she has not always eaten the same as the family.

LifeWave has made it easy when using the system. Once you have understood the concept and have decided, the recipe is ready – and there is good help with the use of the patch system and nutritional supplements from Corsentials Theta One. The procedure is made simple and put into system. For Hanne, it has just been a support that she has been forced to follow a system. It makes it all easier in everyday life. She has made a deal on her own, partly with her partner, she says. What a hero!

Weight loss and fat calculation

At the start of October 2016 the weight was 79.4 kg. And now in mid-2017, the weight shows 73.5 kg. To find Hannes’s fat percentage and the weight of the same fat we have used our usual fat calculator. Are you interested in calculations – read WinFit Update 2.

See the previous posts with the improvements achieved from 10 days, 4 weeks, 8 weeks and 12 weeks.

Weighted fat: A measure of fat mass in kilos. Remember: fat weighs less than muscles. Therefore, a weight loss in kilo is always a relative measure of changes in: fat mass, muscle mass, bone mass and water. If you get a simultaneous conversion of fat versus muscle mass, and your growth is muscularly large, then your weight will increase relatively. So always be aware that you can lose fat and still increase in weight.

Starting measurements
Hanne’s weight: 79.4 kg
Fat percentage: 32.3%
Weighted fat: 25.65 kg

After 8 weeks
Hanne’s weight: 77.5 kg
Fat percentage: 29.3%
Weighted fat: 22.21 kg

After 12 weeks
Hanne’s weight: 75.3 kg
Fat percentage 27.57%
Weighted fat: 20.76 kg

After 24 weeks
Hanne’s weight: 74,3 kg
Calculations only make minor changes to the following:
Fat percentage – Same as 12 weeks
Weighted fat – Same as 12 weeks

In mid-April, which is six and a half months and approx. 29 weeks after start, Hanne jumps on the weight for the last time. We calculate fat percentage and as before. The target for weighted fat in kilograms. With the tape measure we find the final improvements to the body measurements we have taken along the way.

After 29 weeks
Weight: 73,5 kg
Fat percentage: 26,84 %
Weighted fat: 19,75 kg

How I created the calculation:

  • Weighted fat at start, minus weighted fat after 29 weeks: 25.65 – 19.75, which gives 5.90 kg
  • Hanne lost a total of 5.90 kg of fat
  • Hannes’s total weight at start was 79.4 kg minus her loss in fat of 5.90
  • The final result gives a “lean weight” – a fat-reduced weight of 73.5 kg. In this figure a muscle mass hides a growth of about 4.0 kg.

Hanne’s current weight of 73.5 kg matches her lean weight based on measurements from She has therefore not increased her muscle mass after week 12. Her fat loss did however decrease slightly.

Earlier calculations for muscle mass indicated an increase of 4.0 kg in total using This muscular weight gain hides in the overall picture. The good question is, therefore, whether she has in fact lost a larger fat part than the calculated 5.9 kg?

Should we make the course today we would consider making an InBody analysis at start, halfway through and eventually. If we had done that, there would probably be a little bigger gain, both on the muscle and on the fat side.

If we use the “Jeans Scale” – Hanne used to start size 42. Halfway at Christmas time, Hanne could go in a size 40. Here, well 6 months after start, she can easily get in a size 38 – well to notice Same brand and model, which were acquired as kilos of smoke.

Choice of fat calculator

At start-up, we chose an online fat calculator to make things easier. However, this has its natural limitations. We have taken on fewer goals (the fewer, the more uncertain). But at the same time, it does provide a common basis for calculation – so for general use. As calculations show, it can easily be used.

If you want a more professional approach to your measurements, you must buy. We choose it as promised to do this at last. We compare and see if our simpler approach is reasonably useful. We buy an InBody total analysis for 99 kr. It is an impedance measurement that measures throughout the body. It gives us all the useful data we could possibly wish for: weight, muscle mass, total body fat, total water in the body, non-fat body mass, body fat distribution on arms and legs, basic metabolism and a whole lot more.

Hanne’s new body composition

As seen from the chart, the weight match our own measured on the weight of the person we used during our course. We deduct weight of clothing (300 g) at the time of measurement. The muscle mass is measured at 30.8 kg lean weight, a measure slightly above normal. Hanne is increasing her weight of pure muscle mass beyond the normal range. If she increases her exercise intensity, it will increase at the expense of fat – well, if she continues the course for WinFit recommendations, the changed diet and the other good habits she has acquired. In the day we measure her body fat/body fat mass to 19.4 kg. This is within the normal, albeit high, range. She still has a way to go. And so, more fitness training and a renewed look at dietary intake follows.

Total water in the body (TBW) is also in the normal area. It is an expression that she is well hydrated during the day. The fat-free mass (FFM) covers the total weight of everything else minus the weight of fat.

Discovery of body fat and fat deposits

You also get a very useful tool in the form of an “Obesity Diagnosis” – which tells BMI, percentage body fat, life span / hip goal ratio. This is an expression of how fat deposits are distributed precisely here. For some, it is an interesting area. It is a goal that the “net calculator” does not quite get over, as some people can have nice depots on the backside; Something difficult to get into goals and calculations.

Finally, it can be seen that you get a number of basal metabolism (BMR). That is, a number of how many calories you need to maintain basic metabolism functions without significant activity. The number is interesting to work with as you gain muscle growth (exercise) will get a higher number – a larger metabolism and thus a greater energy consumption. If you eat the same amount of calories, the increased energy requirement must necessarily come from the depots. Therefore, keeping strict attention to its goals and controlling its nutrition – including a carefully measured intake of carbohydrates (starchy) and with a suitable and measured protein intake – can not be avoided to reduce fat deposits! This is precisely the basic idea of ​​using the WinFit system. You build muscle and get a bigger fat combustion machine.

More muscles and less fat

Here, the InBody measurements show that Hanne is doing well in terms of muscles, which is 0.0 kg and 3.1 kg with fat. This is above average. This explains that with increased and HIIT/fitness training, the muscle heading will increase in kilograms. The heading Fat Control of minus 3.1 kg tells you that there is a need for further reduction in fat to hit the normal range (13.0-20.8). Hanne is measured at 19.4 kg during the day. She’s at the higher end of the range.

As shown in the In body and my calculations, these are almost identical, which we are pleased with. Then we’re well along the way.
Calculations InBody BMI: 24.4 – Our calculation close to BMI 24.28. Fat percentage InBody 26.2 – Our calculations 26.84. Target weight in kilograms is also close: In Body 19.4 kg – Our calculation is 19.75 kg.

45 cm can be cut off the measuring tape

In previous posts you can see developments for the first months. Below we get goals for start in 16 and end April 17th.

Legs 39 cm start – end: 38 cm
Thighs 63 cm start – end: 60 cm
Hips 106 cm start – end: 97 cm
Waist 87 cm start-end: 81 cm
Chest 108 cm start – end: 97 cm
Shoulders, back 57 cm – end: 54 cm
Shoulders, front 52 cm – end: 49 cm
Across the chest 98 cm – end: 91 cm
Biceps 32 cm – end: 31 cm
Neck 39 cm – end: 34 cm

Not two people are the same. Depoter sets where they are doing. Use the measurements that make sense to you. Hanne has achieved fine reductions on hip, waist, thigh and throat. Particularly above and below the breast there are major improvements.

If we put all the goals together, Hanne can cut a total of 45 cm of the tape measure! A pretty nice result!

What we’ve learned from WinFit

We have learned that in a relatively short time we can lose weight. If you want, you can easily create persistent changes – in this case using the Body Toning System WinFit. Six months are not a long time when you think about what to get. Unlike other “cure” for weight loss, WinFit is made easy. Simply follow the system, give it a reasonable time, then you will achieve a weight reduction. Hanne has been up and running very quickly.

Hanne likes the “diet window”. The idea of ​​eating all that you need during a day within an 8-hour window has been a great help. For Hanne, it has meant a lot for her discipline and probably also for her former little eatery. A small apple pie, which I think is crucial, makes you aware if you want lasting improvements. The body gets calm for combustion and the blood sugar stays more stable when it does not deal with snacks, snacks, etc., unintentionally.

Hanne has also learned new and improved dietary habits. She has received inspiration for new food and new recipes with lots of vegetables, herbs and spices. The sugar front has been cleaned, which is reduced to traditional flour and pasta as well as white rice, white bread, etc. These are the simple and fast carbohydrates that stress the body and give weight gain. The focus is now the new “pasta” variants, made from beans and soya. Hanne eats more of the non starchy Mediterranean green vegetables like aubergines, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, broccoli, fennel, cabbage, onion, artichoke, asparagus onions and more. Biscuits, pastries and baked bread are the past of Hanne. There is now baked bread of seeds, nuts and grains. The good fats have kept their mouths: Olives, linseed, rapeseed, coconut fat etc.

Exercise and training was previously not a problem! Before we started, Hanne cycled a mile to and from work. Now she can run – very beautiful even. Exercise and exercise slowly takes more space. Pussy gymnastics at work is now a regular part of the working day. The little app – “7-minute” turns on every day on the phone. Together with 3 colleagues, the energy bonus has now become indispensable during the working day.

A new, healthy lifestyle: Hanne’s journey continues

We have always known that Hanne has to do it at a time – without WinFit. We have agreed and the end will come at a suitable time. However, she will continue to use the other patchess offered by LifeWave. The nutritional supplement Corsentials Theta One also wants Hanne to continue.

Hanne still has a goal for her further journey. The dream and goal is 8 kilos. So there are still a few kilos that have to be transformed into raw muscles, as she says. I’m going to look from the sidelines and watch out. Maybe she can be lured into a story more, who knows? I even say thank you for the trip!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the journey and that there’ve been elements along the way that have inspired you to change. If you’d like to achieve some of the same results, or if you’re curious about whether the WinFit system is for you then you’re more than welcome to get in touch with me. Use the contact field at the bottom. I’d love too answer your questions and have a chat.

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