Constant dizziness gone in a few minutes


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: LifeWave products are ingenious. How they can balance and remove blockages as easily as they do is still a mystery. It’s amazing what a small light frequency created by the body’s own energy can accomplish.

My girlfriend’s friend Krestina contacts me while I’m in Denmark in September for the launch of LifeWave’s new fat loss and body sculpting concept WinFit. Krestina asks if LifeWave patches can help her friend as she’s experiencing a lot of issues: Dizziness, which causes her to faint, inflammation of the shoulder and low blood pressure. No doctors, physiotherapists or chiropractors have been able to help.


Translation: Hi Rene!
A friend of mine told me about LifeWave! She has a lot of issues going on and is always going to the doctor, physiotherapist, chiro etc…they basically can’t figure out what’s going on with her. She’s dizzy, has inflamation of the shoulder, her blood pressure is too low, etc…at the age of 25. She’d really like to try LifeWave. Do you have the time to help her before you head home to Spain? 🙂

I know that LifeWave products are neither made to treat or diagnose diseases. I don’t run around pretending to be a doctor, because I’m not. But when I see her message, I think that Y-Age Aeon and IceWave should certainly be able to help her with the pain in her shoulder.

I have previously helped someone with vertigo and many Facebook Groups about LifeWave report that they really benefit from the Energy Enhancer, so I said I’d agree to try of course. We agree that Krestina and Tine (as she is called) would to come home to my girlfriend on Wednesday.

8 months of dizziness

I notice right away that Tine isn’t feeling well as soon as she comes through the door. She tells me about her symptoms and her journey. I also ask about her diet, how much water she’s drinking and so on. I also ask how she’s doing right now and in general.

Tine explains that she has been dizzy constantly for over eight months. She has fainted twice, and when she stands up and closest her eyes, she gets dizzy and feels faint. Doctors have taken a lot of samples continuously, but say that there’s nothing wrong with her, besides her blood pressure being too low.

Tine has also been by specialists, chiropractors and physiotherapists, but none of them could help her, neither with her dizziness or pain in the neck and shoulder.

Testing the LifeWave patches

I recommend her to drink a lot of water and use the patches to cleans, because even if you live healthy, a lot of toxins in the body are still accumulated from dirty air, food, etc. I explain the different points on the body that relates to dizziness and test them a bit. I know from the LifeWave’s brochure that the points on the inside of the wrists will increase energy. I have used this location for dizziness several times and I know that many team members have done the same, so I will try that first.

I leave the paper on the patches so that I can move it around if nothing happens. It’s an excellent way to use the LifeWave patches as nothing enters the body. The patches is a light frequency created by the body’s own infrared heating that does the work for you. It doesn’t matter whether the paper is on the patch or not.

I put the first Energy Enhancer on the inside of both her wrists and a Y-Age Aeon on the neck, just like we almost always do when there are some imbalances or blockages in the body. Perhaps Tines shoulder pain can be reduced slightly as an Y-Age Aeon on the neck can often do the trick.

After 10-15 minutes Tine still doesn’t feel anything. I ask if she has the courage to stand up and close their eyes and see if she gets dizzy. To our surprise (and my fright), she falls over as soon as she closes her eyes. It must be a terribly unpleasant experience to have to go through that for so long, I think to myself.

Energiplastre-paa-sokkerEnergy patches on the socks

Energy Enhancer patches are made in a way that there is a positive and a negative patch, which together creates a greater flow of the body’s energy lines.

When you put them on it is important to know the polarization a human being. In most people it should be the white patch on the right side of the body, and the brown patch on the left side. Sometimes it’s better to check before continuing, though. Fortunately, this is easy to do in 9 out of 10 cases. The test can be done in several ways: strength testing of muscles, agility testing and kinesiologitests. All these tests are very responsive. I will talk more about the individual test some other day.

I choose to perform an agility test. I ask if Tine could touch the floor with her hands while she’s standing up with legs together, bending over. No, she says immediately. She can only reach halfway to just around her knees, which is quite normal for her. I put Energy Enhancer patches on top of her socks (a white patch on the right foot and a brown on the left foot) and ask her if she can try to bend over again. She can now reach much further down. She is very surprised and exclaims: “Oh wow, this is crazy.”

I think: Well, it must be great for her to be able to bend over so far all of a sudden. Maybe we have created a better balance in the body? I ask if she has the courage to once again see if there is a small difference when she closes her eyes.

Tine closes her eyes but this time she doesn’t fall over. “This is crazy!” she exclaims, “I can’t believe it”.
When she opens her eyes, she has difficulty holding back tears and exclaims: “I think I’m going to cry.”

I myself even shed a tear. It is an amazing and touching experience to see face shine up completely and be so happy.

“You don’t feel dizzy?” I ask. “No,” said Valentine, and the strange feeling she had when she sat down is also gone.

Shoulder and neck pain gone

When we’re able to collect ourselves after the tears of joy it is time to move on to her shoulder and neck that has been bothering her for a long time. She really seems to feel a big difference with the Y-Age Aeon she has on her neck. So I take a brown IceWave (pain patch) and place it directly on her pain around the shoulder blade. Because of the Aeon on her neck, she doesn’t need the other white IceWave. Within a very short time the pain and soreness goes away.

krop-i-balanceA balanced body

How could the patches work when the doctors couldn’t?

I am very interested in the network of energies in our body, namely our entire energy system. This is something that Eastern medicine has used for thousands of years. The energy system is a network of energies. These energies form the foundation for our health and brings energy to every organ in the body.

When we don’t take care of ourselves and get sick, the disease will be present in our energy before it shows up as any physical symptoms in our body. These are the ones that the doctors measure.

Both LifeWave patches, healers, acupuncturists, thought therapists, etc. work with the energies in the body. A body in balance can do everything else, especially if it’s simultaneously fed the right things, vitamins, minerals, protein, water and oxygen to make it last.

In Tine’s case, I don’t think it was about what she has eaten or done, but rather an imbalance or blockage in her energies.

Screen dump: Hello Rene! Thanks a lot for you help with my constant dizziness. I am still overwhelmed by joy over the result 🙂

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Passionate LifeWave user and networker. René is very devoted to health and helping others have a better quality of life. René has helped and tested the LifeWave patches on almost 1.000 humans and animals. He has helped several girls with side effects of the HPV vaccine and gotten many to come off of long-term medication use, etc. Contact Info: +(34) 610 67 74 74 (Spain) +(45) 71 55 73 49 (Denmark)


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