Cream and patches alleviates searing burns from hot honey


One of my acquaintances, Benedikte, was going to make honey-glazed walnuts for Christmas. But imagine – yes, we have all most likely experienced this — as she stands there boiling them, she accidentally squirts the hot honey and burns herself near the neckline of her blouse.

Damn, it stings! She immediately puts a cold cloth against the wounds and keeps it on there for half an hour.

Here in image 1 you can see what the burns look like after she had been sitting with the cold cloth against her skin for half an hour.

Then she rubs her burns with “Alavida night creme,” and puts two Carnosine LifeWave pathes on the wound. Alavida helps regenerate the skin, and the Carnosine patches help heal at the cellular level. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to use these patches on burns.

In image 2 you can see what the burns look like 2 hours after she rubbed on the Alavida and put on the Carnosine patches.

The next day (image number 3) the burn marks are nearly gone. Therefore, Benedikte uses Alavida day cream. She has been very happy to have these products at home to help stop the pain from the burns.

After all, the hot honey was meant for the walnuts and not her neck!

LifeWave is great because it can alleviate all the little and unexpected challenges we all may experience daily. It is worth the money to have these at home – especially in the kitchen.

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