From LifeWave sceptic to LifeWave passionate


It was with great skepticism and without any desire what-so-ever that I in June of 2011 was signed up as a LifeWave distributor by my brother. I really had no faith in these patches, which at the time were the only products from LifeWave.

Yes, I was actually so skeptical that I refused to spend any actual money on it, so my dear brother said: “Okay, I’ll pay your starter kit as a distributor, and so can you give me the money back when you find out that it works”. That I could not really say no to.

For the story should probably add that I am diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis in 2001 and then hole in the intestine. A diagnosis came more into the fray in 2008 (complicated diverticulitis) due to side effects from medication. It was therefore impossible for me to eat other things, a dietetic food for life, said the doctor, when I was discharged from the hospital in Marbella, where I was hospitalized for 21 days. So it obviously requires patience to try something new – especially when you’ve been a guinea pig for doctors with cell-killing drugs.

My skepticism about LifeWave grew

Unfortunately I could not get pain patches to work. In retrospect, the pain I had (inflammation of the shoulder, hip and all the way down in the knee), it requires time and patience. It is still required, but since I do not believe in it, it was my enthusiasm to try more, not present.

So the patches smoke in the drawer, and a year later phoned my brother to me and told me that he (as he had purchased bread) this morning at the bakery, had helped the bakery lady with a heel spurs and then a customer with ankle pain. I accused him immediately – and I am embarrassed now – that it had to be placebo, or he just tried to tell me something in. When he was angry and annoyed at me and said: “Rene, I’m your brother. Do you think I could find to lie to you. “I was a little embarrassed and could understand him. He said: “If they do not work for you, try them on anyone else or try something else on yourself. Maybe they just do not work on your pain, and might seem patches not on you because of all the medicines you have been given. Experiment. You have 13 packages.”

Silent Nights made my curious

At the time I hadn’t been able to sleep properly for 6-7 years. I could only go to sleep early in the morning and woke up then every hour to 1 1/2 and had to pee, so I chose to sleep patches Silent Nights a chance.

The first three days I could no mark. But suddenly on day 4. I was tired towards the evening and be able to go to bed earlier. I woke up only 2-3 times during the night. On day 10 I woke about pm. 7 in the morning and were completely rested with an energy that I had not tried long and without the many abdominal pain, I used to have.

I was still VERY skeptical and thought it might be placebo. When I searched the web I found many placebo studies, but they disproved the min suspicious.



LifeWave was now about to be tested on “everyone”

I chose to run up at a café at the Danish rehabilitation center Montebello, located 10 minutes from where I live. I showed that always sits many from Montebello at the cafe, and all is well because of the pain.

When I enter sits three elderly Danish ladies. I greet nicely and says little saucily: “Well, where have you hurt her?” They are all looking at me a little weird, but with a smile and says: “How do you know that we have hurt.” I explain to them, that usually when people were there, it was because they were in Montebello. I explained to them short story with my brother and LifeWave patches, and there are no side effects are, as there is something that enters the body. I would very much like to try to help them – without having to pay anything. They all said yes, and ALL three were relieved their pain. Two of them were actually quite painless for a very short time, despite the fact that I no more than spent half an hour to help them.

What is network marketing?

I was speechless and did not know my wits. I could not understand it. Why one man with such a groundbreaking invention has chosen to sell a unique product through network marketing and direct sales, which I did not understand me these on. I had as many mistakenly mixed it with pyramid schemes, which of course is a plagiarism of Network Marketing – without any products. Ponzi’s just a game of money as there not being distributed something – ergo it is not marketing, but deeply illegal.

Because of it, and that I still had pain relieved myself, I would certainly not recommend anyone this before I had even tried the patches on several. Only when I had helped about 50 people and two horses (one with pain and stress), I was 110 percent convinced. Fortunately, it made me realize that network marketing is simply a way for an entrepreneur to sell products – without having to borrow millions on advertising, salaries for agents, vendors and so on.

Furthermore, the Network Marketing a way that us ordinary people, can create an additional revenue with the hours per week, you can or want to. Many choose the also “just” being a Preferred Customer. Most are doing actually in the beginning, until they see how good the products are.

Ready to cover myself in patches

So, what about myself and my own LifeWave story? Although in the beginning I could not pain relieving myself, so I was after the experience of three elderly ladies ready to roll me in patches. Slowly, I began to feel that my intestinal problems were better. I could now eat more normally, and I did not have the same pain in my stomach. Yaaaay! What concerns “my” psoriatic arthritis, so I still have a hard time pain relieving myself 100 percent, but I’ve got a life without the harmful painkillers, which I have to constantly eat just to keep out to be.

I look forward to start blogging about “all” my wonderful experiences that I’ve had on my skeptical LifeWave journey and hope that you’ll continue to follow me.

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Passionate LifeWave user and networker. René is very devoted to health and helping others have a better quality of life. René has helped and tested the LifeWave patches on almost 1.000 humans and animals. He has helped several girls with side effects of the HPV vaccine and gotten many to come off of long-term medication use, etc. Contact Info: +(34) 610 67 74 74 (Spain) +(45) 71 55 73 49 (Denmark)


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