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Improve your well-being with Corsentials health products

If you are stressed you are at risk of ageing faster. You get vulnerable to diseases and your immune defense is weakened much faster.

Strengthen the health of your whole body and your well-being with the Corsentials system. Corsentials is for those seeking a unique supplement and health product.

Reduce stress and strengthen you immune system with Corsentials

The Corsentials system consists of three exclusive LifeWave technologies, the anti-stress patch Y-Age Aeon, Theta One nutritional supplement, and Theta Activate, enable nutritional absorbtion in a few minutes.

While the health patch Y-Age Aeon is able to help you reduce the stress levels in your body, Corsentials with raw milk Theta One strengthen your immune system and improve your health. Corsentials products contains nutrients strengthening your immune defense – hereamong IgG raw milk, immunoglobulins, peptides, growth factors, nitrogenoxid, SOD precursors, as well as potassium.

With Corsentials, you are one step ahead towards a better and improved health with greater well-being.

Clinical trials show Corsentials to …

  • quickly and effective reduce stress
  • reduce inflammations in the body
  • strengthen the immune defense system
  • make the skin soft and silky smooth
  • increase muscle mass
  • provides a leaner body
  • Improves the general health of your body
  • regulates your hormonal balance
  • Increase the libido.

With Corsentials, LifeWave has made it easy and doable to be in good health – also when you get older. To many, who have tried supplements, this a a single and exciting complete solution to your health.

According to David Schmidt, founder of LifeWave, the best results is achieved by using Corsentials daily.

Watch CEO of LifeWave David Schmidt talk about Corsentials

According to David Schmidt, founder and CEO of LifeWave, Corsentials immunoglobuliners a single system that is very easy to use, but affords a wealth of advantages when it comes to one’s health. This system is so advantageous, that to some people, it can stand alone, David Schmidt says.

Watch the video where David Schmidt walks you through Corsentuals. The video is in English with French subtitles. It brings a deeper understanding of the Corsentials system.

LifeWave patches

LifeWave is known globaly for its patented patch technology. Today, the patch technology is also utilised by the Alavida skin care series and Corsentials supplement and health system. Gain insight into LifeWave’s patch technology and get to know the various patches.

Alavida skin care

Do you dream of the perfect skin care product, leaving your skin silky smooth, add optimal quantities of moisture, and at the same time is also a really good anti-ageing product, regardless of you being young or older? Then take a look at the Alavida skin care series with patch, facial nectar, and night creme.

To many people, stress is very pressing subject and is a key reason for againg much faster than we ought to. Y-Age Aeon is a LifeWave patch able to reduce stress and help achieve a better health.

Chronic inflammation can also cause diseases. And when it comes to inflammation, the Y-Age Aeon is able reduce it by way of the infrared phototechnology it is based upon.

  • Reduces bodily stress
  • Reduces inflammation

Y-Age Aeon contains no harmful ingredients.

Supplement with Theta One – also known as energy drink

Raw milk from mother to child is able to strenthen the immune system and promote growth. The One is LifeWave’s raw milk – and that makes the product completely unique. It slows down the ageing process, increases muscle mass, and reduces the body fat.

By the help of vitamins such as B6, Theta One is able to regualte your hormonal activity. In addition, Theta One contains fibres and potassium that is often missing in a normal diet.

Some people have named Theta One “LifeWave’s energy drink”.

Athletes are also able to use Theta One without any risk of getting caught in a doping test. This is so, because Theta One contains none of the drugs prohibited by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), and the International Olympic Comitee (IOC).

Theta One contains:

  • Colostrum – raw milk – which is a source of IgG (immunoglobulin G)
  • B6 vitamin, contributing to the regulation of the hormone balance
  • B6-vitamin, strengthening the immune defense system.

The Theta One powder is added to 0.5 L of water along with Theta Activate. Shake the bottle and drink the contents at once. It is recommended that you drink it on an empty stomach. Do not eat and hour before and an hour after.

Listen to the radio interview with Dr. Steve Haltiwanger, Medical Director of LifeWave about Theta One on Blog Talk Radio here

Theta Activate – quick effect

The drops from Theta Activates makes it possible for the nutrition form Theta One to be absorbed in a few minutes.

Corsentials – how to use it

Corsentialt should be drunk in the morning on an empty stomach. Wait an hour before eating.

  1. Adhere a Y-Age Aeon to the back of the neck
  2. Pour half a liter of water
  3. Add 23 drops of Theta Activate to the water
  4. Add the contents of Theta One pouch to the water
  5. Shake vigorously, and drink it all within 15 minutes.


Users declare Corsentials to be the best health products

Users across the world experience imediate results and exuberant health. More than 90 percent of persons who have tried Corsentials experience quick results.

Users experience:

  • Less bodily stress
  • Skin firming up – particularly advantageous to the face
  • Silky smooth skin
  • More energy and a marked reduction in lactic acid when training
  • Great feeling of well-being and an increase in energy levels
  • an experience of being clear-headed and improved memory
  • Faster healing of the body after, for instance, having come down with the flu
  • A more slender body and more muscle mass
  • Feeling fresher.

Have you heard about LifeWave’s innovative skin care series Alavida?

LifeWave’s brand new skin care series Alavida strengthens your skin from the outside in, and from within to the outside. If you already know the Corsentials system, you will love the new skin care series, which is reminiscent of Corsentials with three products that complements each other and make for optimal skin care.

Corsentials – LifeWave’s health series – consist of three products: The patch Y-Age Aeon, The nutritional drink Theta One, and Theta Activate, creating an immediate effect. Alavida is much like it. Alavida skin care consists of a nectar for daily facial care, a night creme, as well as the Alavida patch – used in conjunction with one another, it offers optimal skin care.

Read more about Alavida’s unique and innovative skin care series here

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