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WinFit Body Shaping System – body toning and improved BMI

Become fit with WinFit – a unique body shaping system from LifeWave

How many times have been on a diet WITHOUT losing weight? How many times have you joined a gym WITHOUT being able to stick to the plan? How many times have you been on a diet or tried slimming products in the form of powders or similar WITHOUT success? You maybe feel hungry, have less energy, and can think of nothing else than the food you cannot eat. It affects your mood, your family, and is hard on psyche.

For many years, we have been told, that the only to permanent weight-loss is to eat less and exercise. For some, this works, but for a LOT of us, it is a rollercoaster of low self-esteem and failed attempts, LifeWave’s founder David Schmidt, says. The intentions are really good, but it is difficult to change routines and habits in a busy life, where you constantly encounter challenges.

LifeWave has developed a piponeering method to achieve lasting weight-loss – without dieting, without calorie restrictions, and without extreme exercise. With a new, fantastic fat loss and body toning concept, LifeWave confronts the notion that diets, less calories, and more exercise is the ONLY way to lose weight. In fact, David Schmidt has come up with a sort of dogma with 3 important rules of an effective diet that ANYONE can do, when you want to become more fit and have a more toned body:

# 1 No calorie restriction
# 2 No extreme exercise
# 3 No dieting pills.

So, what can you achieve?

6 unique advantages of the WinFit fat loss and body toning concept

See the six special advantages that makes the three products of WinFit Body Shaping System entirely unique::

1. Less body fat/improved BMI
2. Less centimetres when you measure around the waist, hips, thighs, and arms
3. Firmer, increased toning, and stronger
4. Increased muscle mass
5. More energy
6. Increased metabolic rate – allows you to ingest more calories.

Lose body fat – WinFit increases your metabolism

Both in Denmark, Europe, and in particular the US, obesity is increasingly a problem for the general health. We know that obese people have an increased risk of cardiac diseases, cancer, and diabetes. The facts also show that severe obesity can reduce one’s quality of life and life expectancy considerably.

  • 47 percent of the adult population in Denmark are overweight
  • Around 13 percent are severely obese.
    Source: Danish Health Authority

In the US, the numbers are even more frightening:

  • More than two out of three adults are considered to be overweight
  • More than one out of three adults are considered to be obese
  • More than one out 20 adults are considered to be severely obese
  • Around one third of children and youths between the age of 6-19 is considered to be overweight or obese
  • More than one in six children or youth between the age of 6-19  is considered to be obese.
    Kilde: National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases

The greatest hurdle for losing weight is a slow metabolism. If your metabolic rate is low, it will quickly result in increased body fat. The metabolism changes with age, and we suddenly realise we cannot eat the same as when we were young – without gaining weight.

A lot of us has destroyed our metabolism by ingesting too much sugar, drinking too much coffee, not exercising enough, or not getting enough sleep or being too stressed. Consequently, WinFit is designed to repair our metabolism problem, so that we can increase the fat burn.

New lifestyle – great results in 7 weeks

LifeWave’s new weight loss concept incorporates the complete recipe to lasting weight-loss. The weight-loss concept consists of both the product and a training programme. If you follow that, CEO of LifeWave David Schmidt guarantees that you will achieve optimum results.

Yes, David Schmidt has tested the WinFit concept on his own body. He has therefore eaten more and exercised less. Despite this, he has achieved fantastic results: He lost 4 kg in a month, despite the fact that he ingested more than 4,000 kcal a day. At the same time, he accumulated 6 kg of muscle mass in 7 weeks.

A life-chaning product according to those who have tested WinFit. An impressive 86 percent are happy with their results.

5 things of the WinFit concept that makes a difference
The WinFit patch

WinFit is a unique concept for weight-loss. Here are the five elements that makes all the difference:

The WinFit patch

The new, patented photo therapy patch, the WinFit patch, which helps reduce fat. It is used during the day and removed at night, before applying the Y-age Carnosine patch for the night.

The Y-age Carnosine patch

Improves your strength and flexibility while inreasing your stamina. Used during the night. Remove it before applying the WinFit patch in the morning.

Theta Nutrition

WinFit contains LifeWave’s acknowledged products Theta One and Theta Activate. Theta One improves the reaction of growth-hormones. Studies show that growth-hormones helps in the development of slender muscles and burns fat. Theta Activate is to be added to Theta One, thereby increasing the amount of nutrients from Theta One entering the cells, while simultaneously increasing the cells’ metabolism for quick results. Add two drops of Theta Activate to half a litre of water with Theta One at night.

WinFit mealtimes and hydration

With WinFit, it is recommended to stick to an 8 hour mealtime period. Rather than counting calories, you should eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as snacks within 8 hours. This keeps your body in swift fat-burning form and maximises muscle growth. Drink water beginning in the morning. Research show that half a litre of water can increase your metabolic rate by 30 percent.

WinFit training programme

Studies show, that even just a little exercise every week makes a difference. The WinFit training programme helps you lose fat and achieve a stronger body. By using the products and exercising merely 10 minutes – only twice a week with LifeWave’s training programme (HITT/TABATA training and isometric training), you will soon experience the changes in your body. The training programme comes with the start package.

Read blog posts about WinFit on the TOHUMAN blog

If you would like to follow some of the people who has tested WinFit, than take a look on the TOHUMAN blog under the category  Nutrition & Health

Are you considering trying WinFit, contact one of the writers who blogs about WinFit. They are LifeWave distributors and can advice you on buying WinFit and how you get going.
Among our writers, you can also find some who offers one-to-one advice. You can have a personal programme made with In-Body test, training, and diet, and be helped on how to measure and analyse your result. Have someone hold your hand all the way through.

Read more about the WinFit weight-loss concept on LifeWave’s official site here.

The story of WinFit as told by David Schmidt

LifeWave’s founder and CEO David Schmidt shares the story behind WinFit in this litte e-book:
Download here

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