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No more sleepless nights

Do you dream of better sleep? Many have tried nights of sleeplessness. To others, it is an increasing problem, night after night. It reduces your performance, and the energy levels throughut the day

But now help is at hand. Silent Nights MD from LifeWave makes you sleep better. The sleeping patch is a class 1 medical device for treatment of insomnia.

Silent Nights sleeping patch affords you a good night’s sleep

An alternative and natural method for resolving your sleeplessness without using prescription medicine is now available. Silent Nights MD is a phototherapeutic sleeping patch. The treatment consists of natural, organic crystals reflecting lightwaves from stimulation points on the skin when activated by body heat. Clinical trials have shown Silent Nights MD to improve the health of organs and vitality. Silent Nights MD improve the sleep and help most people sleep longer. In short, the sleeping patch improves both the quality and the quantity of your sleep.

We spend a third of our lives sleeping. New figures from the National Sleep Foundation shows that the need for sleep varies throughout life. Adults need 7-9 hours of sleep every day, while children and teenagers need more. If we get that, we are much better armed against lifestyle diseases, diabetes, and other consequences of lack of sleep.

Make sure you get enough sleep. Silent Nights MD makes you fall asleep quickly and naturally without sleeping medicine. The sleeping patch stimulates the hormone melatonin. Get more information with the To Human app – an effective guide on how to use the LifeWave for a better night’s sleep. The TOHUMAN LifeWave APP guides you precisely on the use of the patch by way of an effective step-by-step photo guide.

The advantages of Silent Nights MD:

  • Has achieved approval as class 1 medical device in the treatment of sleepless throughout Europe
  • The majority of users get more sleep during the night
  • Achieve better quality as well as quantity of sleep
  • Regular use has been shown to improve general health and vitality.

Did you know that a chronic, large sleep-deficit as well as uninterruped is outright harmful to the body? Did you know that your learning is impared if you do not get enough sleep, because your concentration and therefore your ability to learn is diminished? Did you know that poor sleep can be the source of obesity? Did you know that if you do not get enough sleep, it influences your mood? You will be in a bad mood, have a short fuse, and become touchy, says Videnskab.dk (Science) and emphasises the positive effects of sleep on your body – all documented scientifically.

Sleep is the medicine that makes you ready for the dawming day, clears your head, and keeps diseases at bay. Sleep strengthens the immune system, and it also allows you restore body tissue. When we are awake, the organs work at their fullest, but it also breaks them down. When we sleep, we restore our brain and body. If you get enough sleep it is quite simply healing because it is preventive and restoring the functions of the body.

Most people have a experienced a night of poor sleep, but the fact is, that as much as 10-15 percent of people suffer from serious and lasting sleep problems – insomnia. Some have difficulties falling asleep, and others wake up early in the morning, or many times throughout the night.

The older one is, the more complains of lacking or low quality sleep. Especially women are vocal about the sleep problems, but that does not mean that women are worse off than men. It might just be that men does not tend to discuss it as much as women.

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