Energy patch

Increase your energy with Energy Enhancer

Avoid extreme energy level slumps during the day. Now you can maintain the same energy level throughout the day without caffeine, drugs or stimulants.

The energy-promoting patch Energy Enhancer from LifeWave helps you achieve and maintain energy. Energy Enhancer stimulates acupuncture points on the body and increase your energy levels – quickly and easily.

Elite athletes increase energy with LifeWave patch

Increase your fatburn with more than 20 percent. Increase your energy levels, strength, and stamina within a few minutes. The energy patch Energy Enhancer is one of the patches in LifeWave’s breakthrough non-transdermal patches (that is to say, nothing is absorbed by the body).

The LifeWave patch was originally developed on the basis of knowledge of acupuncture and how it via acupncture points could affect strength and stamina.

The energy patch is now used by elite athletes. The patch was discussed intensely at teh Athens Olympics in 2004 when the American women’s team achieved remarkable results. The patch was under suspision for containing doping or other such chemicals. But after several inquiries, , the patch was absolved from containing any performance-enhancing chemicals (doping). As such, the energy patch assist athletes competing at their highest potential level the world over.

However, the energy patch is not merely for athletes who wishes to perform better. It is very much for all types of people who wish to increase energy levels, achieve greater stamina, and increase the fatburn.

Four advantages of Energy Enhancer:

  • Maintain your energy levels markedly longer
  • Avoid the use entirely of harmful chemicals or inappropriate stimulants
  • The patch is easy to use. You simply do not notice it
  • Achieve quick results.

It is recommended you test Energy Enhancer to find out where you get the greatest effect. Only then can you find out what works best for you. On day 1 you choose one of the recommended placements in the guide. Continue to alternate between the recommended placements four to seven days a week.

LifeWave’s own user manual suggest five different placements: Below the collar bone, on the wrist, below the knee cap, below the ankle bone, and upper side of the underarm. For precise placement and more knowledge on the usage of the patches, read the user manual or use the  TOHUMAN LifeWave APP, where you will be guided directly with photos. The app is especially useful on-the-go if you are a new LifeWave user, or just curious to learn more quickly. The app is your shortcut to quick results with LifeWave. You simply get going using the patches much more quickly. LifeWave’s goal is to blaze the trail towards better quality of life.

Did you know: A lack of energy and surplus in a busy everyday is some of the topics magazines and newspapers write quite a bit about. A lot of people feel constantly drained, weary, and tired, and lack the energy to do the most basic tasks. Combined with lack of, or poor, sleep, it is often arduous and backbreaking to the quality of life. The goal of LifeWave is to clear the path to improve the quality of life.

Elite athletes recommendb LifeWave patches

Today, a number of elite athletes are staunch supporters of the patches from LifeWave. The focus was very much on LifeWave wen Energy Enhancer hit the market. Suddenly, a number of athletes were able to perform much better than previously – a strength and stamina developed over a short period. That caused attention. Today, the patch is used by all types of atheltes. Among others, the Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark, has been in photographs wearing the patch at a triathlon in 2014.

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