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Pain relief for horses with AcuLife

AcuLife – pain relief for horses

Help your horse to pain relief for localised pains or throughout its body. Reduce inflammation and make sure the horse achieves a better quality of life. Aculife is a completely new technology from LifeWave, helping your to improved well-being by strengthening the natural processes of the body.

Aculife is pain relief for horses. With the patch you are able to relieve pain and inflammation naturally. Achieve quick results with AcuLife pain relief technology designet for horses.

Safe and natural pain relief for the horse

Inappropriate behaviour of a horse is often due to pain. With AcuLife from LifeWave, it is with a completely new technology possible to offer natural pain relief for horses. AcuLife is neither medicine, stimulants, magnets, nor needles inserted into the horse. It is safe and natural pain relief with patches which can be used for localised pains, or for whole-body pain relief.

AcuLife is both practical and easy to use. On the body of the horse, there are pressure points just as there are on human beings. This means that the patches from LifeWave can stimulate points on the skin of the horse, thereby improving the energy flows of the body. This relieves tenderness and pain.

The pain relief is executed with a white (positive) and a beige (negative patch as well as two beads. One bead is to be placed on the adhesive side of the white patch. The patch is then to be places on right side of the horse in one of the places suggested in the AcuLife guide. The same procedure is done with the beige patch. The bead is placed on the adhesive side – the patch is to be placed on the same place as the white patch although on the left side of the horse.

The advantages of AcuLife:

  • Safe and natural pain relief
  • Quick results
  • Reduction of inflammation
  • Localised og whole-body pain relief
  • Reasonable price
  • Practical and easy to use.

When using AcuLife, it is important you check when and where the horse has is experiencing pain. The AcuLife guide shows you how to find the places where your hourse might have pains. The guide shows five places to check. Go through 1 to 5 systematically. Apply a pressure of 2.5 kg (5.5lbs.). If the horse reacts, huddles, pulls away from you, or eds its knees, then that is a good indication that this is where to place a patch. The examination should be conducted with a certain degree of care, since horses might react by kicking. Never stand behind the horse, but always to the side of it.

Did you know that AcuLife has meant that horses has more often won rodeo and barrel racing competitions in the US? This has resulted in large monetary winnings. The patches are therefore an advantage to dressage horses or in conjunction with other demanding equestrian sports.

The effect of the AcuLife Patches has been studied in trials headed by veterinarians. Go to LifeWave’s own website to read more about the clinical trials conducted with the patch.

Quotes from equine people about the AcuLife patch:

“The patches afford the horse a remarkable pain relief.[…] One of the most valuable uses of these patches has been a reduction in pains in ageing or arthritic animals.”

“I like having a tool that does not contain any drugs […] AcuLife is easy to use and quick to work.”

“I recommend them regardless of the specific  equine discipline.”

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