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Alavida skin care from LifeWave

Revolutionary technology behind Alavida skin care trio

Improving the health of your skin from inside out and outside in. That is the slogan for the skin care series Alavida from LifeWave, combining facial nectar, night creme, and patch technology.

Alavida consists of three innovative products able to, individually and in unison, create lasting results with a rejuvenating effect, and add a youthful glow to the skin.

6 decisive facts about LifeWave’s skin care without chemicals

Alavida is based on a completely new and groundbreaking technology from LifeWave, restoring and rejuvenating the skin – based on natural ingredients without chemicals.

Six specific advantages makes the three  skin care products fro LifeWave unique:

1. 98.6 percent naturally derived plant-based ingredients
2. Reduces wrinkles and bumps on the skin
3. Affords the face a youthful glow
4. Increases the firmness of the skin
5. Evens out discolouration of the skin
6. Nutrition to the skin around the clock.

Best and preferred skin care products

The many testimonials regarding Alavida skin care sums up the notion that Alavida is the best and preferred product – the skin care of the future. Watch the video and take note of the woman recommending the product for her daughters in their 30s, after just 10 days. There is no doubht that she has found a natural skin care product for the face that both she and her husbond prefers and see a great potential in.

Alavida facial nectar

Alavida Facial Nectar is an anti-ageing product providing optimal moisturisation and protects your skin against the weather. Use the nector on the face before make-up to achieve great results.

Nighttime facial creme

Alavida night creme is facial creme helping your skin restore itself during the night. Combined with Alavida facial nectar, it is deal for refreshment, moisturising, and anti-ageing.

Alavida patch

The patented Alavida patch from LifeWave is based on a unique form of phototherapy. Utilising phototherapy the patch stimulates accupuncture points on the body, helping resting your skin.

LifeWave patches

If you wish to learn more about the LifeWave’s patch technology, go ahead and read the guide to the patches on this site and watch the videos explaining why the patches are the health of the future.

Healthy skin care without parabens and artificial fragrances

To many, it has become increasingly importantly not to expose their body to inappropriate or harmful chemicals. This is where Alavida is an optimal alternative. The products are dermatologically tested and contains no chemicals – no artificial preservatives.

Alavida contains no:

    • Synthetic/artificial fragrances
    • Artifical colouring or colorants
    • Parabens
    • Sulphates
    • Phthalates
    • Ureas.

Alavida contains only natural ingredients

Microalgea oil
Restores skin elasticity

Rice bran oil
Improves the condition of the skin with lipids

Milk peptides
Reduces wrinkles and lines and regenerates ageing skin

Moringa butter
Helps the skin’s natural and protective barrier

Lipid-soluble vitamin C
Protects against ageing and reduces skin irritation

Rosemary extract
Protect against damage caused by free radicals.

The Alavida trio – facial nectar, night creme, and patch

The new skin care series from LifeWave is called Alavida Trio – and because of it, the skin is receiving optimal care 24/7. The products of the series works independently of each other, but used together the best results are achieved.

Alavida facial nectar for daily refreshment

Moisturiser and anti-ageing product for daytime use.

Alavida facial night creme

The facial creme is used at nightime when the body needs to be restored. Because of this, it is also a supplement to the facial nectar which is used during the day. The facial creme is a moisturising and anti-ageing product. It firms up the skin and reduces lines and wrinkles.

Alavida patch

Stimulates point on the skin through phototherapy, unique to LifeWave’s technology also know from other patches from LifeWave, such as the energy patch Energy Enhancer and the sleeping patch Silent Nights. Reduces stress due to oxidation and helps preserve the body’s antioxidants. All to promote skin restoration. Can be used both during the day and the night.

The Alavida patch improves the skin  by improving the health from the within. If combined with Alavida nectar and facial creme the skin is improved from the outside, offering quick and lasting results. It is from this the slogan is derived:  Improving the health of your skin from the inside out and the outside in.

How to buy Alavida skin care directly from LifeWave

If you wish to buy Alavida skin care products from Lifewave but are not a LifeWave distributor, go here to read about how to do so.

As you can see, you need to type in an ID number to purchase. You are welcome to use this ID number: 840548 to make the purchase.

The ID number belongs to LifeWave distributor an Dibbern, who is the person behind blog.tohuman.com, but it does not influence your purchase in any way. The sole purpose of the ID number is that it makes your purchase possible. LifeWave products are usually only sold through distributors, and by using an ID number from a distributor, you can try the products by purchasing directly from LifeWave. Blog.tohuman.com has merely made the purchase even easier for you by making the ID number publically available.

Jan Dibbern is a LifeWave distributor and is the person behind this website. Contact Jan Dibbern at  jd@tohuman.com or any other distributor on this website.

Read more about the Alavida skin care series on LifeWave’s official site – click this.

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