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Alavida facial creme with nectar

Facial nectar – healthy skin care

LifeWave’s new skin care series contains refreshing nectar for your face. The facial nectar both moisturises and is a natural anti-ageing product. Use the facial nectar every day.

The Alavida facial nectar is light in consistence, making it perfect for the face before putting on make-up. Get a great result without chemistry.

Protect your skin every day – around the clock – with Alavida skin care

With Alavida, LifeWave not only created a daily refreshing facial nectar, but completely new technology for skin care with night creme and patches, naturally protecting the skin around the clock.

The Alavida trio makes the skin healthier inside out and outside in through the combination of nectar for the face during the day, night creme, and LifeWave’s patch technology.

The facial nectar Daily Refresh Facial Nectar is for use during the day where the skin is exposed to wind and weather. The antioxidants of the nectar protects the skin against visible ageing signs.

Combined with night creme and patches, your skin is nourished around the clock – hence Alavida trio. Alavida skin care products can be used individually, but are sold as a trio, as LifeWave recommends the combination of the three skin care products.

Best in test – test persons wild about Alavida

Experience skin with a glow from the very first day. Alavida natural skin care delivers results from day one and at the same time affords you lasting results, adding a renewed youghtful glow and health for your skin

The test persons who tried the Alavida skin care series commends the products and gives good feedback:

  • 100 procent of test persons experience immediate and markedly improved skin moisturisation
  • 90 percent of test persons experience a markedly improvement of their looks after three weeks of use
  • 80 percent experience great improvement in the glow of the skin in just six weeks
  • 70 percent experience greater firmness of the skin in just three weeks.

Make LifeWave a natural part of your lifestyle

LifeWave is known for its patch technology, unique on the global market.

For instance, try Glutathione fra Y-age series, aiding the body detoxing and getting rid of waste. The series also contains the patches Aeon and Carnosine, which collectively could be called the anti-age products of the future.

Do you often feel drained of energy?  Suffer from sleep problems? Try the energy patch Energy Enhancer before workout or simple before a rough day. Or try the sleeping patch Silent Nights, giving you a good night’s sleep.

Check out the patches here on blog.tohuman.com

Silent Nights

Dream of a bette night’s sleep? Calm mights? Sleeping through the night? Silent Nights is the answer.

Energy Enhancer

Would you like to increase your energy levels throughout the day without caffeine shock? Then try the energy patch Energy Enhancer.

Y-age health patch

Reduce stress. Strengthen you health. Increase your quality of life with Y-Age Glutathione, Carnosine and Aeon.

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