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Guide to patches from LifeWave.com

The proliferation of the energy patches is great throughout the world, and the interest during recent years have grown explosively. We will walk you through the LifeWave patches step-by-step, from choosing the correct patch, the efficacy, the placement, and the guarantee, to prices and purchase.

LifeWave patches are utilised by professional athletes, health professionals, and people from all walks of life. They were originally developed for the US Armed Forces, but became well-known at the Olympic Games in Athens, Greece, 2004.

1. How to choose the right patch

LifeWave has developed an array of energy patches with alternatice methods for increased quality of life. Common to all the patches is that they stimulate the natural processes of the body.

The patches posses varied qualities, and are referred to with names reflecting said qualities: The energy patch (Energy Enhancer), the pain patch (IceWave), the sleeping patch (Silent Nights); the appetite patch (SP6 Complete) and the three health patches (Y-Age Glutathione, Y-Age Carnosine, and Y-Age Aeon).


Energy Enhancer™

Effervescent energy throughout the day. The energy patch maintains the energy levels, increase stamina and the fatburn with 22+ percent.


Safe and natural pain relief quickly and effectively. The pain relief patch IceWave can be used to both for localised pains or for the whole body relief. Get instant results.

Y-Age Aeon™

Reduce stress in the body and fight inflammation. Y-Age Aeon is a popular health patch. Used together with the other patches of th Y-Age series, it contributes to the reduction of wrinkles.

Silent Nights MD®

Avoid sleepless nights. Silent Nights helps you get a better night’s sleep without the use of drugs. The sleeping patch increases the lengthof the sleep with up to 66 percent.

Y-Age Glutathione™

Y-Age Glutathione strengthens the immune defense system and therefore the generel health. The health patch is also able to expel the toxins in the body.

Y-Age Carnosine™

The health patch Y-Age Carnosine helps the body protect and restore cells. Great before sports, as i increases the stamina with up to 125 percent.

SP6 Complete™

Reduce you sugar cravings and achieve a healthy and controlled weight loss. The appetite patch SP6 Complete helps regulate the appetite and brings the body into balance.


AcuLife is natural and safe pain relief for horses. The patch reduces inflammation and offers quick results. Useful for demanding equine sports.

2. How dows the patches from LifeWave work?

Many people are accustomed to complement their diet with vitamins, eat healthily, drink lots of water, and exercise to achieve a healthier lifestyle and greater quality of life. However, our body also need a constant influx of energy. This is where LifeWave makes use of its knowledge on phototherapy, which has been known for thousands of years. Energy therapy originate in Asia and included such things as acupuncture, acupressure, phototherapy, and various forms of electrotherapy. Acupuncture is clinically proven and are practiced today by a wide range of health professionals.

The pioneering patch technology from LifeWave aids the body restore its system. The LifeWave patches is an advanced form of phototherapy, similar to the changes occuring int he body when light frequencies from sunlight makes the body produce vitamin D:

When the energy patches are placed on the acupuncture points, they stimulate the nerves and points under the skin, removing blockages and imbalances in the body, thus restoring the natural balance in the body.

The LifeWave patches exhibit positive health benefits and works immediately:

  • Increases energy levels
  • Relieves pains in a few minutes
  • Anti-ageing
  • Improves sleep
  • Reduces stress
  • Controls the appetite
  • Detoxes the body.

Some refer to LifeWave patches as ‘acupuncture without needles’. With acupuncture, the needles need to be placed precisely on the meridians. The same is true for the energy patches.

Many people belief they need to know the body’s meridians in order to place the patches correctly, but that is not necessary. It is quick and easy to place the patches without knowing the acupuncture points on the meridians. You merely have to follow the guide. The independent LifeWave distributor To Human, who is behind this site, has created a quick and easy reference work in the form of an app, showing the use of the patches with a photo guide – step by step.

Download the To Human app. US$9.99/year gives you a reference work on your phone. With just a few clicks you are offered an overview and knowledge of the usage of the patches, and the placement of the patches is shown with photos. It is quick and easy on-the-go, and the app is continuously kept up-to-date with the newest knowledge and facts, making it easy to see the experiences of other LifeWave users. The To Human is thoroughly tested by experienced LifeWave users in a range of countries.

The contents of the patches is blend of amino acids, H20, stabilising oxygen, and natural organic substances. The patches are non-transdermal, which means that nothing is absorbed by the body. The patch adhesive is hypoallergenic, meaning it does not provoke allergic reactions. The energy patches works best within the first 12 hours.

The LifeWave patches always need to be placed on dry skin in the morning. Applicable to all patches is the importance of drinking plenty of water when using the patches. It is crucial to the effect. Never reuse a patch, and never use more than one set of patches at a time.

The eight patches from LifeWave contains no perservatives, no chemicals, toxins, performance-enhancing drugs, doping, or other inappropriate or illegal drugs. The patches and the contents of the same is not absorbed by the body.


tohuman-app3. Placement on the body – how?

To Human developed the most comprehensive app showing you step-by-step how to get the optimal use out of each LifeWave patch, and even more importantly, where and how to place it on your body. The placement of course varies, and the To Human app currently offers more than 400 protocols, guiding you quickly and easily through the process, ensuring maximum benefit from the patches.

4.Can you guarantee the patches can improve my health?

LifeWave’s patented patch technology has been the subject of a vast array of studies and has been part of clinical trials, where they have produced immediate results.

Health professionals, professional athletes, and people from all over the world has adopted the use of LifeWave patches. The patches are well-spoken off – including by people who were sceptical at the outset. Experience shows that 9 out of 10 benefit from the products..

LifeWave offers no guarantees to a given effect, as each individual experience the effect differently than others. Most people, however, experience a surprising result.

The patches are completely harmless, and the investment is small. However, LifeWave always recommend consulting your own doctor if you have health problems. Pregnant or breast feeding women should not use the patches either.

5. Prices and purchasing patches ?

With a wide array of patches, each with a specific purpose, prices vary depending on which and how many patches you wish to purchase. We are happy to mail you a complete pricelist, allowing to quickly and easily gain insight into the pricing, and we will of course help you get off to a good start.

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