Alavida patch

Alavida – a patch for healthier skin

LifeWave did it again. For years, LifeWave has been known for the development of the energy patch Energy Enhancer, the sleeping patch Silent Nights, and the health patches Y-Age Aeon, Carnosine, and Glutathione among others.

This time, LifeWave developed a patch for healthier skin and greater glow combined with a skin care series.

LifeWave patches helps skin care from the inside out

The innovative products in LifeWave’s new skin care series affords triple the regeneration. While the nectar provides better health from the outside in, the Alavida patch strengthens the skin outside in.

Using the Alavida patch improves the look of the skin by improving the health of the skin from within, according to LifeWave. Combined with nectar for the face and the night creme improving the skin from the outside to within, you have found the perfect skin care series.

The Alavida patch is based on phototherapy. That is to say, the patch utilises the technology from phototherapy to stimualte acupuncture points on the skin. The patch from LifeWave reduces stress due to oxidisation. At the same time, the Alavida patch preserves the body’s antioxidants. The effect is clear. The skin is restored, and a nice glow is achieved, making you look fresh and ready – every day. And who would not like to have a silky smooth skin?

Alavida can be used both during the day and at nighttime. The patch contains no parabens and does not add any drugs or chemicals to the body.

Best skin care series with visible results

The Alavida trio is technological trailblazing, and is already the preferred product with Alavida test persons. Watch the video with Andrea Hardy, who has spent immense amounts of time and money on various products – without finding a solution to her problem. Andrea Hardy experienced her skin to age two years every single year due to illness and treatment – a tremendous blow to her self-esteem.

But watch what happened when she tested LifeWave’s new skin care series. The results are suprising after only two weeks of testing. You can call that both convincing and best in test.

Alavida patch get top grades in all tests from Biofield Sciences

Center for Biofield Sciences is an independent body who has tested the Alavida patch with surprisingly signicant results. According to Dr. Thornton Streeter, DSc, Biofield Sciences, the results from these test is a fantastic recommendation of the LifeWave skin care series. Or in other words: The figures speak for themselves.

Dr. Thornton Streeter is very fascinated with the technology behind the patch, which is innovation in skin care products:

“It is a perfect form of skin care when we inspire the body to heal itself, and that is what LifeWave is doing with this product. I think LifeWave can be proud. We tested it independently, and always with top grades.”

Want to know more about the LifeWave patches?

Since LifeWave came to market with the first patch, the energy patch Energy Enhancer, the interest in the patches based on phototherapy has been steadily increasing.

Many are preoccupied achieving a greater quality of life and increase their health. At the same time, the wish to avoid chemicals and harmful ingredients has never been more pronounced. This is where LifeWave can offer something unique. LifeWave is thesole phototherapy product in the world, using the human body as a source of power. A natural healing of the body.

LifeWave has developed a whole portfolio of patches on these pages, all based on phototherapy. Read about Silent Nights, giving you a good night’s sleep among others. Read about the health patches Y-Age Glutathione, and Carnosine, protecting the body against the toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis. Also check out SP6 Complete against sugar dependency, Y-Age Aeon belonging to the health series, and pain relief patch IceWave.

The patches are natural and does not give off any chemicals or drugs to be absorbed by the body.

The sleeping patch

Sleeping problems? Waking up several times during the night? Then try the sleeping patch Silent Nights and get a better sleep.

The energy patch

Do you yearn for more stamina and energy? The try Energy Enhancer- the energy patch from LifeWave.

The health patches

Improve your health and reduce bodily stress. Try the Y-age patch series with Gluthathione, Aeon and Carnosine.

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