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Sugar cravings

Manage your sugar dependency with the appetite patch SP6

Is your appetite large and you have a tendency towards sugar? Are you having difficulties not eating that extra piece of cake? Do you battle with the weight, or perhaps weigh more than your ideal weight? The appetite patch SP6 Complete regulates and manages your appetite and sugar dependency. The patch against sugar cravings helps you with the weight challenges.

Stop your dependency on sugar with SP6 Complete

Avoid surrendering to sugar cravings or over-eating of food in the afternoon. Let SP6 Complete help you regulate your appetite with ancient principles from acupuncture stimulating the body, creating a natural balance, and thereby control the need for food.

SP6 Complete is a simple, safe, and effective LifeWave patch that is easy and simple to use. If combined with a reasonable diet and exercise, great results are achievable. If you use the appetite patch in combination with the energy patch Energy Enhancer, you can even increase fat burn with 22 percent on average.

Follow the recommendations for using SP6 Complete from LifeWave to manage your cravings for sugar.

In order to achieve the best results fo appetite control, the patch should always be placed on one of the places shown in the guide, and alternate between the three places: Above the inside of the ankle bone on the left shin, below the left knee cap, or the inside of the left ankle, just behind the ankle bone. Refer to the user guide for accurate placement or use the photo guide of the TOHUMAN LifeWave APP, showing you the exact points.

The advantages of SP6 Complete:

  • Helps regulate and mange your appetite
  • Lessens the cravings for food, sugar, and stimulants
  • Easy to use and very comfortable
  • Quick and natural – contains no drugs or harmful chemicals.

Always place the LifeWave patches on dry skin in the morning. The patches will last for up to 12 hours. After this, they should be removed and discarded. Always drink plenty of fluid. And only use one patch at a time.

Did you know, that 47 percent of adult Danes are overweight (BMI > 25), and that number is increasing? About 13 percent of Danes are clinically obese (BMI > 30). The number of people in Denmark who is overweight has increased markedly during the last decared. This is mainly so because of overweight among the youngest age groups and among societal groups with low or no education or income, according to the Danish Health Authority. The governmental health agency recommend staying at one’s normal weight throughout life, and that adults should have a BMI of between 18.5 and 25.0.

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