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Is LifeWave a pyramid scheme?

Is LifeWave just a money-making machine?

Many have accused and continue to accuse LifeWave of being a pyramid scheme. Pyramid schemes are basically about making money off of others. A lot of money. Yes, some people accuse LifeWave of being a money-making machine. But is it fair, when LifeWave shouldn’t and cannot be defined as a pyramid scheme?

The sales form for LifeWave is based on network markting. Some refer to it as multi-level marketing, MLM. It is a way to sell that is the same as used by Tupperware and Aloe Vera. LifeWave is based on real products, and LifeWave continuously work to document the knowledge that is the basis for the development of new and existing products. As a consequence, LifeWave has conducted more than 70 clinical trials showing the patches to increase the health and well-being.

Network marketing is business model making it possible to market and distribute their products to the consumer via personal and direct sales. And because the patches should be experienced on your person, the business model is just about perfect for LifeWave. Personal experiences are shared with others in the network, and many professionals, athletes and other people interest in health issues, are distributors that cares about advising and share their deep knowledge of the products.

The difference between MLM and pyramid schemes

One of the reasons for the confusion and accusations against companies based on network marketing is due to many people conflating MLM with pyramid schemes. The difference is that pyramid schemes are illegal. Pyramid scheme business does not offer any physical or tangible products either. In addition, pyramid schemes often only operate online and are shut down after a short while. Many pyramid scheme businesses often pretend to be a network marketing company. Thus the confusion and lack of clarity.

There is also another difference between MLM and pyramid schemes. With pyramid schemes, the business often makes money recruiting new members which have to pay high fees to join, while the distributors of a MLM business makes money according to their sales. A pyramid scheme is operated from the top down, and only the ones that get in early makes good on their investment, whereas as distributor in an MLM company it is possible to earn more than his or her upliner (that is, the one above oneself).

In contrast to a traditional business model, where a product is manufactured, then goes through an exporter, importer, wholesaler, retail shop, and then the customer, the network marketing companies have chosen to remove all the costly intermediaries by solely having distributors marketing directly to the customers. This means less focus on traditional marketing in the form of advertisement, and as the name implies, marketing though network, relations, and online networks.

More passion than money

To a distributor of the products, LifeWave is more of a passion than a money-making machine. With LifeWave, it is first and foremost the personal experiences and the urge to help others get a better quality of life, that is the driving force.

“The fact that the products from LifeWave is distributed through network marketing is, to me, a giant plus. The best experiences in relation to Lifewave is without a doubt the fantastic personal relations i have build through the last couple of years. super great and positive people, who each has theis own set of challenges, that i am proud to be able to help and support”

Jesper Feldborg Dahl-Vedel, independent LifeWave-distributor

To the users of LifeWave, it is not about money, but about makind a difference. And the experience with the products are always based on themselves, their own experiences. A good example of this is the To Human blog. To Human was created from a passion for LifeWave and for passionated users of LifeWave, to people who wants a greater quality of life and greater vitality and health. Read more on the blog.

You are able to contact a distributor at any time through the To Human blog and see if you are able to get an introduction to the products from LifeWave as well as test the products. The products are uniqie and as such can only be bought from a distributor.

In addition, LifeWave is a member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA), a national trade association for companies delivering products and services and sell them directly to the consumer.

One of the pillars of the association is to ensure a common set of ethics as it relates to conducting business and consumer service.  All members are obliged to follow the guidelines.

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