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Myths and facts

The LifeWave success continues – despite the sceptics

During the last few years, LifeWave has experienced a markedly increasing interest. LifeWave has never been more popular, and in Denmark, the growth in interest has been explosive.

That is exceptional, as LifeWave through the years have been countered with many sceptical opinion. Some attack LifeWave for being a money-making machine, and that the proucts are utter hocus pocus. But what are the facts about LifeWave really?

The To Human blog  is blog for and by LifeWave users and ambassadors, of which many were sceptical at first. And on this site, many would like to clear misunderstanding and wrong conclusions out of the way. We will take a look about the difference between pyramid schemes and multi-level marketing, and how LifeWave works to counter accussations about fakery and fraud.

The fact is, that LifeWave affords people the world-over a better quality of life everyday. Read the personal experiences here on the blog and watch the distributors’ own paths to LifeWave, chat with them, and try the products on your own body.

Is LifeWave a scam, fraud, and trickery?

Miracle product and hocus pocus. Each year, LifeWave helps increasingly numbers of people and athletes to a better quality of life.

Is LifeWave a pyramide scheme?

LifeWave is basered on multi-level marketing. Read why LifeWave is more about passion than being a money-making machine.

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